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  • I’ve have this issue of when I try to upload pdf files it gives me an error message; Error Saving Media Attachment. I’ve tried to do it using the browser upload and the multi-file upload to no avail.

    I also have an problem with the plugins not updating. That’s been an issue since time began this site.

    If anyone can assist me I would be very grateful.

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  • The most likely cause of this is incorect permissions set on the media folder that the images are uploaded to.

    This might be a bit beyond what you are used to (I don’t know your current technical level, so apologies if you are fine with it all) but look through as this will tell you how to set the file permissions for that folder, along with a lot of extra info that will help as well.

    Hmmm. This is over my head. What would someone like me, an enduser, need to do? Our site was setup by someone else who I don’t think has a very good knowledge of these things either. If I could get step by step, verbatim instructions, I may be able to resolve it.

    Thanks so much!!!

    What an end-user needs to do is exactly as that page that I said before says. Unfortunately that’s how it works.

    If you need help, the first place that I’d be asking is your hosting company. Most places will help you out with these sort of things, and they’ll have the knowledge to do it the right way.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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