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  • When we post pdf-documents on our website, they appear one level too deep.
    The visitor first gets a page, with only the unclickable file names listed, where he has to click the header again. Then a new page opens where the links are accessible.

    Is there a way to make the first file list accessible?

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  • it sounds like you are either uploading to the wrong folder, or else linking to the wrong folder. If you are lucky, both!

    if you want to link to a pdf file it should be something like (depending on where you upload the files
    (if your WP root folder is /wp/ and you put the PDF files in the uploads folder)
    My PDF File

    oops, forgot to code

    <a href="/wp/wp-content/uploads/mypdf.pdf">My PDF file</a>

    the files are uploaded to the right folder and links are to the correct folder.

    if it were only possible to change /?cat=11 into /?p=44 somewhere.
    that would solve the problem right away.

    are you using relative URL’s? these do not work in WordPress and CMS in general. You must use absolute URL’s

    If the file is in your uploads folder
    <?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/wp-content/uploads/mypdf.pdf

    <?php bloginfo('url'); ?> points to the effective WP folder, usually the WP install folder

    Also, if you don’t know about them, investigate permalinks on the wp codex page – not many people use /?cat=11 and /?p=44
    most use “pretty links” like /category/mycategory/mypost/ and /mypost/

    maybe it’s easier if i gave you the links, so you can check out for yourself what the problem is:

    On the right side you see: “Virtuele zen-bibliotheek”
    When you click on “Soetra’s en klassieke zenteksten”,
    a new page opens, but it’s just the titles, no links.
    When you click “Soetra’s en klassieke zenteksten” again on that page, another page opens, on which the links are working.

    the idea is to loose the in-between page without the links.

    fyi: i didn’t create the site. i’m just trying to fix the problem
    and i’m a newbie to WP.


    OK… What you are seeing is exactly what is supposed to be happening in WordPress. The links under Virtuele zen-bibliotheek are called Category links. They are not links to individual posts.

    If you do not know, WordPress includes a concept called categories. You can assign posts to categories so posts on similar subjects are all linked together.

    The list under Virtuele zen-bibliotheek is the list of the categories in the system. When you click on a category link, a page opens that contains the posts in that category. That is what you are describing as

    When you click on “Soetra’s en klassieke zenteksten”,
    a new page opens, but it’s just the titles, no links.

    That is a category page. And, as you say, when you click on a post on the category page you see the entire post on a page by itself. That is how WordPress works.

    What you want is a direct list of the posts in a specific category – assign all the posts with PDF’s to one category. Then list the direct links to the posts in that category in the sidebar.

    Here is a plugin that will help. You need to read the instructions. It comes as both a widget and a plugin. Which you use depends on how your sidebar is put together.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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