documentedlife.com new theme ... comments, reflections and complaints? (5 posts)

  1. Miles7
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Comments and complaints about the new documentedlife.com theme appreciated.

    Defensively, I will say:

    1) Yes, I know it violates the 1024 pix horizontal boundary. That is an intentional design choice. I feel that the box design makes it easy to see where you are on the horizontal slide. And I don't put the good stuff over there... just little sideshows.

    2) I have doubts about the light yellow/blue/green, am thinking of going for variations on grey, with background images to provide accent colors in the square windows.

    3) I know that the header is inconsistent between the WordPress site and the old static page sites... I'll get to that.

    4) Yes, I have 2 differnt link pages depending on which link link you hit... one static, one WP database.

    5) Lots of the boxes are unused or not well used... I wanted a site with room to grow... and partly a sandbox, with little windows to play in.

    6) The big problem is that because I've mangled my index.php page into this form... I actually have no page where you can just see all the posts, in order... you can only view them separately in their categories. Need to correct this somehow... not sure how.... working on it.

    6) So what am I looking for? Whatever you want to say! Browser issues? Usability issues? Aesthetics? (I'm not sure about the pale colors... I think I neeed to go either even more pale... light etherial, or else bold it out and go dark and strong..... this is kinda in the middle.


  2. anthonyr
    Posted 9 years ago #

    First thing I said was 'wow, wide!' but you already covered that in defense number :). It's a really original concept (atleast I've never seen anything like it).

    My main issue is that there is no focal point. What's the first thing you want visitors to see? Maybe the lead article background could be a different color. Also, since everything is scattered, the search module could be more prominent.

    A very unique idea, clearly work in progress, can't wait to see what you finish with.

  3. red-star
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hmmmmmm,Its not only violating the 1024 pix horizontal boundary, but I still have to scroll and I use 1280x960.

    For the rest I think its looking pretty cool.

  4. spencerp
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Well, I'm using 800x600 res and the scroll isn't too bad really.. it's *only* like a 400px scroll.. As for the layout, it's different..that's for sure. Almost gets me in the mood to play "Connect Four" or "checkers" lol!!! =P

    Other then that..it's a nice theme.. Keep up the good work. ;)


    Sorry, I just had to "razz" on it a little bit LoL!!

  5. Miles7
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Thanks everyone.

    Yes, this definitely violates visual expectations. My thought is that while it runs over... it contains many discrete windows that are always completely visible no matter where you are in horizontal or vertical scroll.

    So then anthony points out the lack of a visual focus, and I agree. I tried to create some focus that with one double size box... but it needs more.

    Instead of saying "Read this", I guess I want to say "look around." But maybe the invitation is a little too open and needs some visual guidance.

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