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  • The documentation for this plugin is SO BAD that I’m compelled to leave a 2 star review for a product that mostly works fine.

    The documentation is pages and pages of gobbledegook that will give anyone with a functioning brain a headache, and make anyone with an appreciation for the English language want to gouge their own eyes out. Most importantly it is going to take you about 6 hours longer to set up this plugin than it should because you can’t even use the documentation and you will literally have to work everything out via trial and error.

    But that trial and error will also be twice as difficult as it should be because The plugin uses a whole bunch of terms for even the basics like field names in ways that make absolutely no sense, and no glossary is provided to explain how they are even trying to use the terminology.

    The documentation is just pages and pages of sentences that make no grammatical sense whatsoever – it appears the document has been generated by using Google translate from another language and nobody who speaks english has ever been asked to even edit the document.

    I have been going for 6 hours now and I there seems to be no way to set for example different hours on different days of the week. So if you have different opening hours on a Saturday for example, there is literally no way of setting the hours for every saturday. You have to manually go in to the calendar and set the hours for each individual Saturday INDIVIDUALLY.

    It’s like the plugin has never actually been tested by anyone who operates an actual business because I cannot think of a single business on earth that has the same operating hours every single day that they are open.

    It just makes me really angry that developers can be bothered doing all this work on a plugin but are incapable of doing the final 5 yards worth of work to make it usable by people.

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    Thank you for your feedback.
    We will improve the documentation to make it concise and easier to understand.
    Indeed, you can only set up different hours manually for each day. We are currently improving this and we are adding multiple other features to the plugin. This will be part of a big update (version 3.0).

    If you need help configuring the plugin for your business, please send us an email at and we will do our best to help.

    Thank you.

    Never had an issue with the docs. They explained what each item is and what it does. What more can you ask for?

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    why would you use the word “HOURS” which is a specific and finite 60 minute time division to mean “BOOKINGS” or “SLOTS”? – which are by definition not time limited in duration.

    You don’t “set” an “hour” – there are 24 of them in any given day and they are set in concrete.

    Just the first random sentence I just pulled out of documentation…
    “Select the calendar. If your calendar has default availability it can be changed just as you added it.”

    How is anyone supposed to make ANY sense of that sentence? I have zero idea what it’s even trying to tell me. The whole documentation is like that!

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