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  • Hello!
    This theme looks great but i miss some userinfos i have no idea how i can edit the sass files and make them working i changed variables and the style.scss but nothing happens. I am a beginner in SASS but i like the clean theme and used to develop with CSS(3). i did copy the theme and rename the sass and css file what else do i need to replace? I would be very glad if there could be a documentation how to use this theme even as not a SASS expert
    Thanks a lot Susanne

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  • Theme Author Missy Oveson


    My theme doesn’t have a built in Sass compiler because I always used the ruby gem through my command prompt to edit. What you’ll need to do is find your compiler for sass. For instance if you use coda 2 on a mac there is a plugin to compile it or if you use a mac you can simply go to terminal, double check that sass is installed by using
    sass -v
    and making sure it comes up with something and if it isn’t use
    gem install sass
    if it does have something just direct terminal to where you have the folder and do
    sass -w .
    Those are all for a mac though. I’m not familiar with setting up windows and you do have other options other than mentioned here such as grunt. You just need to determine how you want to compile for how you build sass.

    Thanks a lot for this fast answer! I am just starting to learn SASS so i guess i will find out in a while how to do all this it would be great if there can be a documentation for this wonderfull startertheme if you are a beginner its hard to guess what you need to do i was sure the SASS compliler is inside … Thanks again and have a great weekend

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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