• Hi,
    Do you have documentation for using this plugin – including:

    1. where to find all the settings and examples?
    2. steps on using the pages that are created with examples?
    3. any shortcodes that can/need to be applied with examples?
    4. how it interacts/doesn’t interact with EDD?

    There are several reasons for including documentation, imo:

    1. Even if users are familiar with WP and code, they are not familiar with a new plugin. Documentation will make the installation/learning curve much faster = happy users and happy plugin author. 🙂
    2. It will tend to ensure that the plugin is used correctly and effectively=happy users and happy plugin author.
    3. Thank you for the hours/days spent implementing a cool idea and for supporting the WP community with another FREE option!


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  • Plugin Author vafpress


    Hi, thanks for the suggestion 🙂 You have very good points here, as the developer, we thought the extension is so simple that user can just install and using it, but obviously that’s not for everyone 🙂

    We are currently working on a site for all of our WP related products (vafpress.com), we’re going to put detailed documentation in the site, it’s expected to be live in couple of days 😀

    As for now we will answers to your questions in short:

    1. Under EDD Settings -> Misc, there are short description for each field, and default value that can serve as example.

    2. There are 3 pages:
    a. File List
    This page is used to list all downloads links if a download has more than 1 files.
    b. User Log in and Registration Page
    This is where user will be redirected if member only download is turned on and user isn’t logged in while trying to download.
    c. Download Gateway Page
    This will serve as “thank you for download” page.
    All those pages are editable via page admin, so you can add custom information on those pages.

    3. There are 2 notable shortcodes:

    [download_link id=”” text=”” class=””] -> for outputting download button manually by download id.

    [vp_edd_membership_form] -> for outputting user log in and registration form.

    4. The extension basically override the normal purchase / add to cart button of premium download with free download button when the download price is set to 0.


    i went to vafpress.com and there’s no real help there for newbies

    would be nice to have something for beginners

    thx for the plugin!

    Plugin Author vafpress


    Hi David,

    The plugin basically is just install and use, if you have any difficulties please post a question here and we would love to help you 🙂

    Hi Author,

    Today I have tried your plugin, I Have activated the Plugin but I can’t see the plugin menu items anywhere in back-end ?! 🙁

    I have using WordPress 3.6.1. I have checked the conflicts in error console but no error shown.

    Please help, would be nice if its fixed


    Plugin Author vafpress


    Hi, since this is an extension of EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) Plugin, the settings is located inside EDD menu:

    Downloads -> Settings -> Misc Tab -> Free Download Settings Section


    first of all: Thank’s for the plugin. It is a very good idea. Even if I needed to pay for it, I would do it, because it is so helpful and save a lot of time.
    I use EDD Ver. and the plugin doesn’t work for me. (WP 3.7.1). Is there a plan to make it compatible with the newest version of EDD?
    I get an error message if I activat the plugin and no settings are possible under “Downloads -> Settings -> Misc Tab”
    The error message I receive says: “…a mismatch of 190 characters…”

    Can I support you in any way?

    Thanks and kind regards,

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