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  • Hi @marktomlinson,

    Thanks for pointing this out – will definitely add some descriptions to the plugin in next version. Meanwhile here is a couple examples:

    If you set Formula to x*p1 and p1 to 1.10 then prices for products will be increased by 10%. That is: x is always substituted by product’s original price, and p1 you set manually.

    You can also use “special” values: %total_sales% and %stock%. For example, let’s say you have initial stock of 100 pcs. for product, original product’s price of 200$, and want to start selling from 100$ and go up to 200$ with each sold piece, then you can set Formula to x-p1 and p1 to %stock%.

    If you could let me know what scenario do you need to achieve – I could tell you the exact values you need to set (or if scenario is not possible at the moment – I will gladly add it to the plugin).

    Hope I made it a little more clear – please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

    Best regards,

    I have a more complicated pricing formula needed… Hope you can add an update using some “min” and “average”

    Like I said very complicated:

    Product price: 210usd
    Min Quantity to Order: 10pcs
    Max Quantity to Order: N/A
    Max Discount can give: 61% if order 100pcs or more.

    Now the scenario/formula:

    If the customer order the product with the minimum qty of 10 the total value is 2100usd but if he add 1 or 2 or more the unit price will change. instead of 210usd/item it will 210usd-discount then multiply by the item qty.

    Now if the customer order 100pcs the max discount we can give is 61% but more than 100pcs still the max discount apply.

    Sorry if it is to complicated but if you could just add an option to hook the product quantity

    But if you have a much easier way. Very well appropriated if you could give some inputs.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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