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  • I would love to find a plugin to manage document uploads and link insertion… so…

    Maybe a control panel to upload .pdfs (or .docs etc), and assign them a friendly name. Also an option to set the css formatting for the document links when inserted.

    And then, a dropdown at the end of the quicktags, to select your documents by their friendly name, and insert a link into the post, using the css formatting that was set in the control panel.

    Anyone up for the challenge?

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  • Well, I’m working on this myself now, using 🙂

    Can any plugin authors help me?

    I have some code, which will output a list of pdfs/docs in a directory… but how can I make this a plugin that will add the resulting dropdown menu next to my quicktags?

    echo "<form>";
    //Looks into the directory and returns the files, no subdirectories
    echo "<select name='yourfiles'>";
    echo "<option value=''>Select document</option>";
    //The path to the style directory
    $dirpath = "/home/blahblahblah/media";
    $dh = opendir($dirpath);
    while (false !== ($file = readdir($dh))) {
    //Don't list subdirectories
    if (!is_dir("$dirpath/$file")) {
    //Check that the file extension is .pdf or .doc
    $ext = substr($file, strrpos($file, '.')); // Get the extension of the file
    if ($ext == ".pdf" || $ext == ".doc") {
    //Truncate the file extension and capitalize the first letter
    echo "<option value='$file'>" . $file . '</option>';
    //Close Select
    echo "</select>";
    echo "</form>";

    I wish I could help develop this. I’m not quite at that level of expertise yet. But I’m definitely interested in tracking your progress. This is something very near and dear to my heart!! I would like to be able to have pdf and doc versions of each post available for download, simply showing links to them in the sidebar of the post. Getting the existing upload manager to function well and consistently seems to be quite a challenge, although I did get it to do what I wanted once, and I was thrilled with the result. I just can’t duplicate it! I hope others will contribute to make this a reality. Thanks for bringing it up and for your efforts so far.

    kalico: i have this working fine… but not as a plugin – it’s hard coded into the write post pages.

    if i can work out how to wrap it up as a plugin, we’re in business 🙂

    Have you tried GaMerZ’s File Explorer at ?

    Not quite what I’m after – read my first post again!


    Send me your existing code and I’ll see if I can help.



    Cool… on its way

    Ps… this is what I’ve got so far:

    A preview of my insert-document-link thing for WP

    Did this ever go anywhere? It’s a really sweet idea and one I could use right now.

    I am new to wordpress, and this sort of plug would be great. I do wonder where this has gone.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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