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  • Hi there,

    I know several people in the past have asked about document libraries, modifying Media Library for pdf and .doc files, etc, but they tend to go unanswered, I am assuming because there is no single plugin to do what people need. So here is a request to find plugins to do the individual things that I’m trying to accomplish:


    Create a document library that allows for

    • easy categorization and display (I can use the built in categories system as described here, but would prefer an explorer style tree structure)
    • Multiple categories per post (internal WP system is fine)
    • Independence of search from the main blog so that I can find only articles in the document library (a search box that requires a custom field perhaps?)
    • Ratings for individual posts/articles
    • Display of views/comments in the search area
    • weighted tag clouds
    • Tag searches
    • Embed docstoc or scribd PDF or doc files

    See images here and here for quick and to the point details.
    (note: on the second image, ratings should not have disappeared)
    These images are taken from the CMS plugin section, for reference

    Where help is needed
    I don’t know what plugins would work best for:
    Tree navigation

    I’m also not sure what would be better as a template modification or as a plugin, so if anyone could help clarify, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much for your time, hopefully we can find a way to build this document library, together!


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  • If you want to embed a docstoc file, there’s no easier way than Lizzer. We built it to do just that. It’s a bookmarklet that you launch from your browser and can use when you’re in WordPress.

    Check it out at (it’s free).

    Let me know what you think. I’m a huge WP fan.

    Cheers –


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