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  • Hey guys,

    I’ve looked through the plugin directory but couldn’t find exactly what I want. Here’s the situation:

    I’m building a website for my church using WordPress. What I’d like is a document library page where people could go and download newsletters, board minutes, etc., all stored in neat little folder to make them easier to find.

    Then specific users could come in and upload docs, pdfs, etc. on their own. This would allow us to restrict FTP access a little more. It would also be easier all around, since right now people have to either FTP it themselves, or ask a member of the webteam to upload it, then go edit the page they want it to show up on.

    Is there a plugin that does that? Or one these gets us part way there that we could build off of? Or failing that, stand-alone web app, preferably open source, that would do the same? I know Joomla does something like this, but besides this one thing, Joomla is way more than we need.

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  • wp_downloadmanager provides downloads. I can’t recall what user level you need to be to upload, but that may be tweakable.


    I am looking for the same exact function and have not seen any to date and I have tried many that fall short… WordPress Download Monitor is close, but still not there. I am also looking to create a file/document library (mainly PDFs) that will be in categories. I would like to display them in and icon image format somehow. Does anyone know of one or is anyone interested making one?

    I just wanted to bump this thread, as I am interested in this functionality as well.

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