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  • Sorry to add a frustrated complaint as my very first post.

    I’m just getting into WordPress and trying to read through the Docs section. But I have to say it’s a nightmare to navigate through. I’d like to be able to read through the Docs in a linear fashion and know that I’ve got “X” amount of pages to go. But every page you open has 50 links to other pages. If you start to follow these links, you just end up spinning in circles and don’t end up finishing anything. Personally I think there’s too many unneccessary internal links.

    To give an example. I go to the ‘Docs’ page, it’s a massive page of links, but that’s okay, something you’d expect on the index. I click on “Getting Started with WordPress”. Okay another massive page of links, now I’m starting to get overwhelmed and lost and wonderring what’s the difference between these two massive pages of links. Are they linking to the same pages but in a diferent order or diferent pages on the same topic? I click on “New To WordPress – Where to Start”. Then straight away we’ve got an unnecessary link to WordPress in the first parragraph (why would I want to click on this, I’m already at the WordPress site??) but the rest of the page is yet another massive page of links.

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to have one single solitary place where we could get an overview of the Docs section and not duplicate this needlessly.

    Apologies for the frustrated tone of this post. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get the Docs in a PDF format?

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