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doc: How to use WP grins with 1.5.

  • I’ve seen alot of problems with users trying to insert <?php wp_grins(); ?> into the admin CP under the edtoolbar. Well, this is how you do it. Go to wp-admin/admin-functions.php and find:

    <script type="text/javascript">edToolbar();</script>
    echo '</div>';

    Replace that with:

    <script type="text/javascript">edToolbar();</script>
    <?php wp_grins(); ?>
    echo '</div>';

    That should do it. Worked for me perfect. If you get errors, Post them here and Ill try to help ;).

    Also,t this is a support question. I have inserted wp_grins(); to comments.php but since I have alot of emoticons, The page just like corrupts..everything like disappears (Well, not everything) and I cant do anything. How do I make it so I give
    tags for like 5 smiles for each line?

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  • KEWL. I can have my smilies back in 1.5! Thanks XeroCool. =)

    NP. 🙂

    I don’t have this file with 1.5 on the root of the site. “wp-comments.php “

    Optional – add the clickable smilies to the comments form in your blog.

    Open up wp-comments.php and find the <textarea> tag with id=”comment”. Then add this right before that <textarea> tag.

    <?php wp_grins(); ?>

    If you use the pop-up comment form, you’ll need to do the same in the wp-comments-popup.php page.

    Am I missing something here?

    1.5 — Look in a theme’s directory for:


    If a theme does not have these, WordPress uses those from the default theme.

    Thank you very much *raises thumb* 🙂

    I’m a new user with WP and I don’t really understand this lol. I’ve followed the readme and changed the javascript suggested here, but nothing seems to happen at all. I think maybe my my-hacks file is wrong or I have the wp-grins file uploaded to the wrong directory. This is my my-hacks file:


    I wanted to add the clickable smilies to the comments on my blog but it doesn’t work:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wp_grins() in /usr/export/www/vhosts/funnetwork/hosting/lifesucks/wp-content/themes/classic/comments.php on line 83

    hmm modifying core files – hopefully there’s a cleaner way. good tut though

    Ok I did just as you said and now half the menu at the top of write post is gone!

    What did I do and how do I get it back?

    The guide you need is here:

    The above guide works.

    Starry – whatever files you changed, delete them and upload new ones.

    Ok I did do that deleted and uploaded again but it’s still not given me clickable smilies.

    I dont understand I had no problem doing this is 1.2

    Did you replace whichever files you changed ?
    Did you first delete those files before you uploaded new ones ?
    Have you pressed ctrl and f5 when looking at the problem page ?

    Yes yes and yes

    wait ……..

    You want smilies.
    You posted with errors.
    I’m concerned about the errors only.

    Have the errors gone ?
    If not, what else have you done ?

    The errors have gone but I still dont have smilies in my admin panel.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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