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  • Plugin Author xeno010


    Hello doclalor,

    currently there are no hooks in my plugin.

    Thanks much for the response!

    I’m thinking about the best plan for storing quiz scores. Might you weigh in on which seems to you to be my best plan?

    1. Do you offer the storage feature? Or…
    2. Might you point me to where in your code I might insert a PHP database query to write the QUIZ SCORE (as a percentage) to a new record in the relevant Achievements plugin database table? Or ….
    3. Would it be simplest to create what I’d like fresh, e.g., using DB-Toolkit? Or…
    4. Something else?

    I appreciate any advice you can offer. Thanks!

    Plugin Author xeno010


    Hello doclalor

    Added support for “BuddyPress achievements V2” in the version 0.15

    Whoa! I can’t wait to try it out. Heads-up: Achievements 3 is coming out soon, in which this will be easier to implement. Thanks, thanks. This is a super enhancement.

    Plugin Author xeno010


    I hope the selection suffices?

    When version 3 is final, I’ll support this.

    This is fantastic. I believe there will be others in higher ed who will find this plugin compelling given your path of development.

    I am using the plugin with students, and I really like it.

    My experience has me wondering how hard it would be to award Achievements on a more discriminating basis. As opposed to

    • “Hey you did ‘Some quiz or other’, so here’s an Achievement point,”

    is it possible to award Achievments more specifically? Like,

    • “Hey, you completed ‘The-Quiz-on-Plato’, so here’s an Achievement point”

    and separately

    • “Hey, you completed ‘The-Quiz-on-Aristotle’, so here’s an Achievement point.”

    As it is now, these are not discriminated. Or will this perhaps be possible with Achievements 3 (the simpler code model for friendly plugins is found in the achievements/includes/extensions/ folder of the plugin)?


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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