• I am running my successful site for more than two years with dokan. it is just terrible. really. i don’t know where to begin. i will just put here few of many:
    – admin is loosing his ability to create coupons. yes. and their support say it is a feature, no a bug.
    – all sales numbers are just mixed up. nothing is right. useless reports of nonsense numbers. after two years i gave up that they will ever fix it. currently my Vendors see the WHOLE site earnings(!!!). with 0 earnings for them. crazy. the dev team just don’t care.
    – shop pages – look bad. really bad. not mobile ready and not anything ready. also can not be re-designed without some heavy dev. just useless. in the end i made each vendor a sale page of his own – manually. that bad.
    – my functions.php and CSS is full of hacks and fixings of their JS and css errors which i gave up on waiting for them to fix.
    – TWO weeks after woocommerce 4 was released – i found that they are not supporting it yet!!!, i reported bugs. and in the meanwhile my license expired. a day after it expired – they release bugs fix that i found – and of course i didnt get the update. and no, this time i will not break. will not renew and pay for this bad code plugin.
    – Also , in the second your license is expired (which supposed to be a support license, not use license) – You AND YOUR VENDORS will get a nasty error message – always on the top of the admin dashboard – WITH NO WAY TO REMOVE OR CLOSE IT. you don’t pay us for support??? we will let your vendor know about it!!!

    the list just go on and on…

    I am currently working on a small plugin and method of convert the site into WCmP multi vendor plugin – away from dokan . will release it for free. for others like me who made the wrong decision and tried to use dokan on a real website.

    in one word – AVOID!

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  • Hello @looknear,

    I am so sorry to hear that you have had such a poor experience that you no longer want to work with us. When our user gets upset we get upset as well. User satisfaction is always the number one priority for us. I’m deeply sorry that that wasn’t clearly demonstrated to you. As much as I hate to see you go, I completely understand how upset you must feel. I apologize again for any trouble we may have caused you.

    – Yes, the coupon is restricted. But we have an alternative solution: Our live chat agent helped you with a solution already.
    – The earning should not show 0 if the withdrawn status is not marked completed. We have not received any ticket from you with the complaint recently. Navigate to wp-admin–>Dokan–>settings–>Withdraw
    Mark order status for withdrawing completed and make sure there is no threshold set(in case you are a paid user). If there is any threshold set the earning will show after the threshold ends

    -The shop page may cause an issue because of theme compatibility and our support team is always there to fix the issue. We always try to offer the best support possible in such cases.
    But this year you never reached the tech support because your license was expired on 2019-03-19. There was an auto-renewal and took the refund of the renewal.

    -Dokan is based on WooCommerce so the major release of WooCommerce is always tested and we always fix the issue. We already fixed the compatibility issue but the release took a while for testing purposes. We have sent an email to our users not to update the WooCommerce unless the compatible version of Dokan is released.

    -There must be some confusion. I have checked your order and the license you had expired last year: 2019-03-19.( when you take the refund). We are not sure how you still have been using the paid version of the plugin till now.
    The renewal is required because the update of WooCommerce and WordPress may cause issues and unless you have a valid subscription you are unable to get the updated version and run the plugin smoothly. When our live chat agent mentions the renewal you get an update and threatened us about the review.

    We always appreciate feedback from our user but it is not right to tell other users not to use the plugin

    Thank you.

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