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  • Hey, i just finished with my website and want to know what you guys think of the speed, loadtime, design.

    I test the site i sometimes i do have a feel of slow, maybe the images or the wp2 ?

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  • It seemed to load fine for me, here is your speed report. It might be a little slow for someone on a dial-up connection, but for broadband it seems fine.

    when i try to clear the history and cahce and enter the website, it takes long time, i have to press enter many times before it’s start to get/load the page. i use firefox and also have 2mbit broadband.


    Well, I’ll confirm that it is painfully slow for me (T1 connection). In fact, it seemed to lock up Firefox for a minute.

    [edit] it DID lock up firefox!

    IE loaded it in 2 seconds.

    That is odd, my DSL must be maybe 1.5 mbits and it takes like 3 seconds to load in Firefox 1.5, I clear the cache and did it again, same result. Took like a second longer in IE, but still pretty quick.

    Something must be wonky somewhere, I haven’t a clue what though – but it works fine for me, so I’m not complaining 😉

    Good luck,

    Exactly HandySolo, i don’t know what’s wrong with it. just sometimes it doesn’t like to load the page at all. I am gonna try deactivate plugins and try it. these are on atm:

    – Customizable Post Listings
    – Limit Categories
    – Role Manager
    – the_excerpt Reloaded
    – WordPress Database Backup
    – WeatherIcon

    WeatherIcon is a possible culprit (external content).

    Some of your images files are *huge* relative to the size displayed. You could cut a lot of fat from your site by reducing the image sizes. Your total page size is 120k, which is obese.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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