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  • lets say you setup your blog with permanent links, do you think if you created a post on a phrase like

    “nokia 5150 cell phone blue “

    and another website created an article with the same title

    do you think google would give more preference to the blog vs the static site?..

    who would hold themselves in the search engine? would the blog post drop off after a while?

    just interested to know if you think a blog could outrank a regular dreamweaver static site

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  • whooami



    why is this in the how-to and troubleshooting section? and why not ask Google, or better yet, why not go experiment with it, and let us know the answer in one year?

    Anyway, blog posts dont “drop off” in Google.

    i couldnt find a place to put it.. so i put it here.. they should have a general section

    blog posts do drop off.. i have seen posts rank for a while and then suddenly drop or disappear




    1. they do, its called MISC.

    that first link is 1-1/2 years old, and it’s still #1

    do you think google would give more preference to the blog vs the static site?..

    No, besides that not making sense, Google can’t tell the difference nor does it care. A website is a website.

    I find if I design my websites with red backgrounds they climb google ranks faster.

    If I understand correctly, I think maybe the gist of eddyj’s question, which no one has really addressed, is whether search engines rank dynamically created web pages lower than static web pages.




    And i think thats been adressed, computerbob, with permalinks. And im not even talking about “pretty permalinks”. Consequently, the simple answer is No.

    Ive already given one example link..

    There are thousands of blogs that score high in Google’s search results.. its all about content. Nothing else, nothing more.

    Even page rank is subject to content. A link from a site about cars to a site about bunnys is useless. Again, note the content.

    I will qualify one thing and say this: I do think that Google’s algorithm is a tad skewed. I’ve seen it in work on my own site. I get excellent returns from Google consistently, and honestly, some days, if not most days, my content kinda sucks. And yet, I always seem to score high.

    I have also heard that Google loves blogs.

    FWIW, Google is going bonkers lately. It seems to have tweaked its algorythm into the shape of an overcooked noodle, dropping and de-indexing sites right and left, regardless of dynamic content or static content, keywords/description or not, links or not, etc… //shrug//

    Whooami dude.. Im about High Competition phrases.. not some phrase that hardly anyone looks for ever.. damn anyone can rank for low phrases.. im on about high comp phrases like




    1. Im not a dude.
    2. Learn to post your topics in the right place.
    3. or better yet, just learn to post.

    and for the record, ive gotten 10s of thousands of hits from that Google query. I challenge you to show youve accomplished anything similar. So much for “something no-one ever looks for”. Idiot.

    No need to be confrontational, anybody.

    In my opinion the site that will rank higher on Google is the one that has a Google Sitemap (in addition to other well known SEO such as using your keywords and bolding).

    Since it’s much easier with WordPress to use a Google Sitemap plugin, for me it’s been much easier to get search hits using WP than it was with static HTML. Of course, if you love coding an XML sitemap by hand every time you update your static page, go right ahead…

    Google will rank sites based on what their algorythms are looking for at the time…

    Creating a splog with wordpress might get you quick results, but they won’t last.

    Creating a spammy HTML site might get you quick results, but they won’t last either.

    Bottom line is that it doesn’t matter your platform or programming – it’s the site, it’s content, how popular it is, how well-linked to it is, and a bazillion other things.

    I have sites with and without the Google sitemap – I’ve seen no differences in rankings with or without. Of course, I tend to use well-designed navigational structures, so there’s little need for a search engine specific sitemap.

    I love people who ask these questions… they always turn into clients… LOL Good luck to whoever you choose to take this over for ya! (I don’t do splogs or spammy sites, so don’t ask…)

    By the way I have no idea whether Google sitemap increases PageRank per se… I am not SEO focused and never even checked my pagerank… however I can attest that the Sitemap has brought me more search results for things I only talked about once or twice in older posts.

    I agree your Content is the #1 thing that brings visitors and search results, another reason why I think WP gives you an advantage: at least for me, I tend to post a lot more content, more words, more frequently & longer articles, using WP compared to when I coded every news item by hand, back in the day.

    whoomai, dude you need to ease up pal!

    eddy – you need to stop pushing people’s buttons by calling them “dude” after they expressly state that they are not a dude.

    (i noticed you took out what your “high competition phrase” is after i began to discuss splogs and spammy sites… afraid that the “nokia ring tones” line might get stolen by someone else, or that you’ve outed yourself as a splogger/spammer?)

    dgold – i agree with the WP advantage re: content. i too am more inclined to log into my admin and just write than i am to jump into an HTML page and code it. 😉

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