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  • I really am beginning to wonder why this plugin gets the rave reviews that it does and whether or not you test before releasing updates.

    I came home from a business trip today to find all kinds of disk warnings from one of my servers telling me that my temp files are nearly full.

    While waiting for my tech team to delete what they said are literally thousands of temp files on the server, several of our clients sites are running into SQL issues. I can’t update any plugins and I’m seeing error messages on some of the WordPress login screens.

    We just starting using W3 Total Cache a couple of weeks ago on our clients’ sites in attempts to reduce memory usage on the sever and quite honestly, it’s been a nightmare from day 1.

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  • Downgrade to version and that should resolve your issues for now. I’ve been using this plugin for about 2 or 3 years, first problems started with It gets “rave reviews” because it’s been working for people for years.

    Read through the support forums and you’ll find solutions for your problems, threads like this one won’t likely help, or simply move on. This is a free plugin after all, any sense of entitlement one would think has no place here.

    No sense of entitlement here… Free or not, any type of update shouldn’t be released until fully tested.

    Personally, I use the compatibility check on the front page as a guide before upgrading. I will say, I used version for months without any issue, and because I’d not seen an update for some time went ahead and updated to without checking here for known issues first. Turned out to be a mistake.

    I can’t say whether he’s updating or not, but I’d imagine it’s difficult to test something for every member’s use of the plugin. I certainly hope he’s not releasing without testing, one would think he’d have to test that particular feature he’s set out to fix before calling it an update anyway.

    Either way, I won’t be updating again until it appears most of these issues have been fixed, but I realize often times it takes people downloading and using the plugins themselves to make some of these issues known. I just won’t be the guinea pig.
    Somehow or another the new versions have been working for a select few.

    We’ve been using without any issue. That is the version we started with as it was the most recent update at the time.

    We run two VPS servers… thankfully, the server where only is installed have not had any issues.

    Unfortunately, the other server where we have clients that we updated to is now in a state of havoc. This update has created thousands of temp files causing our temp space to be completely full and generating error messages on some of the WP admin login pages.

    There weren’t any compatibility issues noted for We had no reason to believe that updating to that version would be an issue.

    Ah, I initially had issues with, and I believe he went in and fixed something in the update (reintroduced it under the same version number). I saw somewhere in a thread where he mentioned the problem had been fixed and people could re-download it. Perhaps you got it after the initial problem. However since then, the compatibility ratio for each version hasn’t looked good. Looks like there are only 6 people saying worked, and 59 who say it’s broken (with 3.5.1). I myself haven’t tried it, or again.

    It’s only been a couple of weeks since we started using the plugin and in looking at the developers log, it was right before the update, so I’m guessing it’s safe to say we got the fixed version of

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