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    We are looking for a solution like this:

    The instructor can prescribe different assignments based on the condition and progress of the student. Let’s say, John is more advanced, so he only needs to complete 3 exercises. David needs more help. So he could get 5 more exercises.

    The instructor will grade each student’s assignments. In this case, John will have 3 assignments graded by the tutor. David will get 5 assignments reviewed.

    Only when a student completes a set of pre requisites will be allowed to proceed to take the next level classes.

    Each student is required to finish their classes in a given time. let’s say 3 months. If a student could not finish required courses in 3 months for level 1, then the student will lose his/her eligibility to continue.

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    Hey @gujingc,

    Sorry about the late reply. We do not have the feature to assign quizzes or exercises directly to students at this moment.

    If we ever plan for such kind of features, I will notify you here.

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