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    This plugin is that code, but set up in such a way as to be more useful 😉 You can turn the plugin on/off for specific pages (or single post pages) and there are a few filters if you want to get really creative.

    The added benefit of a plugin is that someone else is maintaining it and improving it, so your code will stay relevant and up-to-date. And you can deactivate it at the push of a button.


    Ok you have convinced me to try the plugin. It worked like a charm. All Javascripts were moved to the footer. It also did not conflict with Totalcache minify/combine. Awesome :)!

    New question: Can I setup this plugin to also move some specific css files? My template has so many (16) and I would like to move some of those to the footer.

    Plugin Author Joshua David Nelson



    Glad it worked for you!

    I would not recommend moving your css files, it will in 99% of cases change the look of your site drastically, because the CSS needs to load before your HTML elements in order for the browser to know how to style them.

    It would be better to move them to a CDN or combine them all into a single file.


    Google’s pagerank showed some “warnings” about blocking css elements for the mobile page.

    (Totalcache combine somehow produced 3 css files that had each had a 903ms wait).

    So thanks for the warning regarding moving it manually! I thought it would be like javascript :).

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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