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    Do you need a domain to install WordPress or would hosted space (with MySQL databases) be OK? I tried to install WordPress using, but it failed becuse it couldn’t find the path or folder (or words to that effect).It might be the case that the path/folder was in error, but I would like to be sure I need/don’t need a domain before I try again (most of the instructions mention a domain).

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    I did read these (or similar) beforehand, and as WP could be installed in a sub-directory, I guessed that you wouldn’t neccessarily need a domain. I have read the suggested reading and what stands out is :-

    “To run WordPress your host just needs a couple of things:
    ■PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
    ■MySQL version 5.0 or greater”

    No mention of having to have a domain, so I assume the answer to my question must be “No”, but frequent mentions of a domain made me doubt.

    I’d have liked a “Yes” or “No” answer.



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    Yes – this isn’t really even a WP question – you can’t have ANY site on the internet without a valid domain name.

    EDIT – some hosting companies may offer a temporary domain name or sub-domain – but that’s a hosting question, not WP.

    If you already have a root domain name, you can install WordPress in a subfolder and run it there. Your url would be, etc.

    Thanks for the replies.

    I now know that I do have to have a domain.

    It isn’t true that “you can’t have ANY site on the internet without a valid domain name.” I have a web site on the web space provided by my ISP ( without the need for a domain, as do many others. I have taken paid-for hosted space as the ISP’s space does not provide MySQL databases. I could easily set up a web-site there without the need for a domain (some of the pages of the original web site sit there eg ). I thought the same may have applied to WP.



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    What do you think is? It’s a domain name – albeit a sub-folder off the main domain. If your new hosts offer a similar url, you can use that with WordPress if you want to.

    blimey!! that was quick!!

    Apologies for my ignorance, but I was under the impression that a domain had to be in the format

    Apologies about the links, too (I’m new here)



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    Nope. In it’s broadest terms, your site is operating under a domain name if the initial part of any link to the site contains – ie words and not numbers. However, you will be sharing (for example) with millions of other site owners – which simply isn’t good enough for many WordPress users. They want a unique, relevant, domain name for their site that may also give them better search engine placements.

    See what your hosts offer in the way of a temporary url (in this context, “temporary” just means not a posh, unique, url). That said, now that you’ve forked out for hosting, you can pick up a domain name for about £12 for 2 years – which is buttons really. Apart from anything else, it makes it a lot easier to give out a link for your site over the phone. 🙂

    Thanks very much for this. Much appreciated.

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