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  • Looks very nice! I don’t see many WordPress sites in Turkish.

    Your Twitter link is missing.

    BTW, how did you manage the Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feed icons that rotate? Is that a plugin, or a custom script?

    Your site loads incredibly quickly.

    Sweet. Love the background!

    Yes, load the page again. There are two backgrounds that it rotates between.

    It’s Pretty nice.. 🙂

    thanks. twitter missing i know it. i will open twitter quickly. facebook twitter rss its theme options not script not plugin.

    hi burakkoz,

    You have so many things on your blog, yet it loads so quickly. A perfect example for those who have site loading issues.

    I can’t read a thing, yet I went through your blog for the past ten minutes or so. Very good integration of social media as well.

    overall it is a great blog,
    keep it updated,

    thank you staytamed

    [‘up’ moderated]

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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