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  • Hi (again)

    In my form i created a custom meta field. The meta field is geo_short_adress which is a hook from my theme that will add city names (based from gogoe map job location, submited on my job listing form)

    When i click “generate value” it does retrieve all the cities that are currently existing on my job listings so what i wanted to do (that wil lavoid me to add manually the 36000 cities of France) was to add a cron job that will “generate value” for geo_short_adress every x minutes, so i could have like real time, new cities from new job listing added automatically to my cities dropdown you know.

    So i downloaded a plugin to do cron job (WP-Control)
    I added as hook name “geo_short_address”, i set my interval but i don’t know what to enter in the “Arguments field” that would allow the cron job to “generate value” (and so create rela time the cities)
    I tried [genrate value], [generatevalue] [generate_value] but it didn’t work. Do you know what wil lbe the argument to make it generate value automatically ?

    Arguments are built this way: e.g., [], [25], [“asdf”], or [“i”,”want”,25,”cakes”]

    Thanks (again)

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  • Plugin Author TC.K


    Well, it’s complicated to hook the cron job for this purpose. As far I know, you can’t use the WP-Control to do this, because both of the plugin didn’t cooperate with each other (I never use WP-Control though, it’s just my common sense).

    However, there is other ways to do this beside using the cron job, one is required customization of the plugin.
    The other way is using Taxonomy for your cities instead of meta field. When you add a new city in the taxonomy, it will be added to the search form city’s option, because the options is directly obtained from DB.

    Ok i see.

    I’ve found thos “plugins”
    It seems that it can add custom fields even to plugins but i didn’t succeed in doing it, i added his xxxxxfield.php to your plugin root, but then i don’t know where paste the code he provides to make it works as it says it has to be added in functions.php of the plugin and yours don’t have a function.php
    Could you help me?

    I woulds like a search field that works in addition of your plugin and taxonomies search and that would be able to search cities from geo_adress meta (which = city from google map of my theme) (and if it’s not possible to search geo_adress meta, just a field that works with other taxonomies to search keywords).


    Because we can’t use your plugin search field in combination with taxonomies search right?

    Plugin Author TC.K


    All i saw from the link you gave me is addon of other plugin, which mean each of his plugin is specifically made for particular plugin only. It’s not working with my plugin.

    Well, i am not clear what you trying to do. If you have geo_adress meta key, it shold be able to use it in my plugin.

    yes i can but i’m afraid that with a dropwdown that includes more than 36.000 cities (all cities of france) it would be too heavy for charging pages/ server load you know? Maybe i’m wrong. While a search field = no dropdown with 360000 choices

    That’s why it owuld have been perfect that your search field works with taxonomies search, so i could have use it for city search 🙂

    Plugin Author TC.K


    If search field = no dropdown, the plugin will ignored this field, so it would not go through all 36000 cities.

    search field works with taxonomies search,

    I don’t know what you mean of this, but the plugin already work with meta field and taxonomies.

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