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  • I get the following message on Home:

    Do you have the AddThis Sharing Buttons plugin activated? This plugin may not play nicely with it. Specifically, you may end up with sharing buttons and recommended content showing up twice. If you run into issues, please deactivate either the AddThis Sharing Buttons plugin or this one.

    I didn’t really understand it, so went ahead and disabled AddThis Sharing Buttons plugin, but then no sharing buttons appeared, also I had no option in the posts to deactivate it. I’m using basic settings. Would I still need to include the shortcode inside each post with this plugin?

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  • Plugin Contributor Julka Grodel


    Hi Webeno.

    Thanks for letting us know about your issue.

    If they’re both up to date these two plugins generally play nicely together, but out of date they may override or delete some each other’s settings. If you’re not seeing issues, you can leave both enabled, though I do strongly recommend updating both plugins if they’re out of date.

    When you go to the Home settings page under AddThis in your WordPress site, does it ask you to register? The Website Tools plugin requires a valid AddThis profile ID that’s set up specifically for WordPress. If it doesn’t have one set from your other plugin, it should prompt you to log into you AddThis account, and will even offer to change your currently profile over to a WordPress type if needed.

    Another thing to note is that the Website Tools plugin only works in AddThis mode (where you configure your tools at Have you gone to and enabled sharing buttons above or below your content?


    Yes, all of that is done (have a registered account, even different profiles, successfully logged in, imported API key, and whatnot). You may want to check my account settings, if you have access to it.

    The strange thing is, and this contradicts a little bit to what you have said, that the error I mentioned is produced by the AddThis Website Tools, so why would that error message be displayed if they played nicely together.

    But putting all that aside, what is the difference between the 2 tools? AddThis Sharing Buttons must be a slimmed down version that is mainly managed inside the WordPress installation, while AddThis Website Tools is a little more robust, and is managed on AddThis, correct? Well, if that’s the case, why would I need both activated? Also, if AddThis Website Tools is activated, why doesn’t it make the sharing buttons appear on my posts, and why is there no option in the post edit to opt-out, or does AddThis Website Tools requires me to add the extra shortcode to actually make the buttons appear? That doesn’t look like a requirement from your settings page, it says something like “only if you need it at non-standard places”.

    Plugin Contributor Julka Grodel



    My previous response mentions the situations under which they do not play nicely together. They also have some different features (like the meta box you asked about, and experimental AJAX support) that might get overridden by one another.

    If you have been using the Share Button plugin AddThis mode, then the functionality in the Website Tools plugin is very similar, though there are some different features. The biggest difference is that the Website Tools plugin is a brand new code base with more reliable output and better able to work around themes that don’t follow WordPress conventions. The code in the other plugin is a rat’s nest.

    You don’t need both activated, but we’ve learned that convincing people to turn off a plugin they like is fruitless.

    If you have the Website Tools plugin activated, registered, and have enabled a sharing tool for above or below content for the registered profile, then you should be getting those tools on your pages. Without a URL to look at, there’s nothing more for me to go off of.


    I really just wanted to find out more on this error message, as I have a ticket with you guys, though no-one really answered my last reply back for some time.

    I still find it awkward that you’re putting that message up there just because both plugins are activated. You may consider actually checking in the installation what may interfere, and only then display the message, otherwise it’s like you advertised against yourselves.

    Anyways, thanks for your help.

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