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    Hi all,

    If you’re getting an error referencing either of the above, we have a short term fix for you. It’s caused because we reference a PHP extension that’s included in all hosting environments.

    You can contact your hosting environment and ask them to enable the mbstring php extension. Or you can roll back to 1.9.13 (see our rollback guide here:

    But there’s a relatively easy short-term fix for this if you are comfortable with FTP.

    1) Unzip NextGEN 2.0 on your computer

    2) Find this file:


    3) Look for line 987, which looks like this:

    $charset = mb_detect_encoding($this->root->plaintext . “ascii”, $encoding_list = array( “UTF-8”, “CP1252” ) );

    4) And add a // to the beginning to comment it out, so it’s like this:

    //$charset = mb_detect_encoding($this->root->plaintext . “ascii”, $encoding_list = array( “UTF-8”, “CP1252” ) );

    5) Save that file, connect to your site via FTP, navigate to the same folder in the nextgen-gallery plugin folder as in #2 above, and replace the copy of simple_html_dom.php with the version you just edited.

    If you do this and it works, please confirm below. If you do this and have any other issues, please let us know that too.


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  • Thanks, This worked for me.

    thanks.. short-term fix works

    Plugin Author photocrati


    Hi all,

    We think we may have a solution for this error. We’re moving rapidly towards an update for next week, but for those comfortable with refreshing plugin files via FTP, we have a new beta available for install. As a reminder, please DO NOT delete NextGEN Gallery to install this beta, deleting the plugin through the WP Dashboard will delete your galleries permanently!

    IT’S A BETA. Please keep in mind it’s a beta. It should resolve some issues, it won’t resolve some others, and there’s a marginal chance it may create some new ones.

    Feel free to post feedback about the beta here. If you do update to the beta and post a new thread or submit a bug report, please let us know which version you are using.

    We’ll be updating the version numbers with each new beta. It’s currently 2.0.2. For the public release we’ll just bump it up one more number from the last beta so everyone will be able to auto-update from the dashboard if they choose to.


    The temporary fix worked for me as well.

    What was odd for me is I have a mirrored beta site that I test all updates on prior to implementing on my live site. Both the beta site and live site are on the same box, when I updated on the beta site I had no issue. However when I updated to the live site, I received the error?

    I will use the temporary fix until you roll out the non-beta update. Thanks for your hard work on the plugin.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    Thanks for the update @cwhebert! We’re quite perplexed as well. Before we released v2.0, all was smooth for us on our own sites. So all these issues took us by surprise. We deeply appreciate everyone’s patience. 🙂


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