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  • I moved a blog for someone to self hosting and she is all worried about being number one in her catagory on and thinks she will lose that now when she is self hosted.
    I have no idea how tags work and what she is talking about.
    Help! 🙂

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  • Dgold


    It is a bigger deal to get strong search results in Google, etc., for your own website.

    Not as big a deal to be #1 just among the users of

    It’s a way bigger internet. That’s my initial reaction. But then again I don’t know the topic of her blog. If her blog is “How To Dominate on” then she might be more concerned about

    But if her blog is any general subject, she can do just as well on totla traffic with the general public on self-hosted.

    Lol, we found a way to continue her getting the mentions on I agree with you, but she loves being number one in her catagory in there and gets about 50 visitors a day that way.
    She is happy and seeing a good size increase in traffic since I moved her to her own hosting and domain name and did a few SEO tweaks for her.
    her site is

    Mind sharing? Is it legit?

    ngb, lolz! She has a great blog. The topic made me smile. (I do not fit the demographic myself)

    Also i recognize that fluid width theme. I am thinking about using that theme too, and personalizing it like you did for her.

    Actually I was wrong on that. If you move to a self hosted blog, you cannot keep your tags/links in
    They are their own community and do not allow it.
    You lose all of that when you leave, even though we paid to have the domain and links forwarded. I emailed and they sent the answer.

    Heeheehee! I like it!!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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