Do this plugin need the extra mutisite code? (5 posts)

  1. Nico
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Does every plugin need extra code for option page and stuff for mutisite?

    this plugin for example has extra code for mutisite, can sombody explain to me what if this is a must, or just for old wordpress mu versions.

  2. Most plugins work in multisite with no changes. The main exception is if you want your plugin to have different settings or behavior available network-wide vs. for individual sites -- if you look closely at the example you pointed to, it has two separate settings pages, one for the whole network, and another to allow individual sites to override the network default.

  3. Nico
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Well i looked into the code but i am not that experienced to get that fast what it really does, so its just to setup defaults for the network, meaning if i remove that code it still works but every site start at the defaults hardcoded inside the plugin right.


  4. You'd have to try it out to know that. But it's generally a poor idea to edit a plugin just because you don't plan to use those settings - aside from the possibility of breaking it, you'll certainly lose all your changes the next time it's updated.

  5. Does every plugin need extra code for option page and stuff for mutisite?

    Depends where they want the options page.

    If you mean 'Do you need special code to make an options page show up on the WP Multisite options pages' then yes, ever since WP Multisite 3.1, when it was firmed up :)

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