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    On the themeforest website it says:

    “HIGH QUALITY SUPPORT, We solve problems, we raise satisfaction”

    All I see is lack of response. I sent two emails early last week on their website contact page and two emails here (after not hearing back) and still no support.

    If you can’t or won;t provide support (which means I can’t get your plugin to work as advertised) then I want a refund.

    Please respond of refund my money.


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    Two weeks and onward! No answers! NO support!!!

    I want a full refund for the misrepresentation on your website of “HIGH QUALITY SUPPORT, We solve problems, we raise satisfaction”.

    Where’s my money?


    Plugin Author chronosly


    Dear John,

    we are very sorry for all inconvenience we may caused.

    For some reason your mails were sent to spam folder. Also this forum is just for lite questions and is checked once a month.

    We understand you want a refund, but if you still need help we want help you.

    Again, sorry for this delay, we will check spam folder more frequently.

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    Yes but the two most important were sent from your site (not here). I am willing to be reasonable if I can get timely support. If you found my email can I have a response to them? Can you send me an email response to truegold<at>isomedia.com?

    Here is the first message I sent on your site on Sept. 13:


    I am using Divi wordpress theme. I have been playing with Chronosly Lite version and sort of got it working. So I purchased the Pro version today in order to have more control.

    What I am trying to do seems basic: I want a home page that has sections. In the first section I want a listing of Monthly feature events – which I can do with a short code. I also want to have the month displayed and be able to navigate to the previous or next months. I cannot get this to work!

    I have tried multiple variations of short codes but they don’t work. In fact what I really want is what’s on your demo without the search criteria area (Events, Category, etc.)

    I also need to control the width and alignment on a page.

    How can I do this? Can I see the exact shortcodes all put together on your demo page? Or perhaps you could update the default template and send it to me?


    Plugin Author chronosly


    We have sent you an email on response to your doubts and problems.
    Thanks for your patience.

    I also have a support ticket from September 14th & another one from November 2nd that have not been answered. Have purchased the Pro version. You’d better hope it works out of the box because Chronosly Support will not be helping you..

    I paid for the support extension 3 weeks ago and wrote them at least 10 emails. No one’s answered me yet and it doesn’t look like they’re going to answer.

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