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  • At the present time, to avoid my photographs and galleries from my posts being delivered to people’s email boxes, I strip them out of my posts prior to posting, so only the text appears. I then replace the content (just paste in the html from the full post) and update. Usually this takes fewer than 3 seconds. Sometimes the update hangs and takes anything up to a minute. By then I get complaints that the post is empty. So I am wondering…

    Do (non user) subscribers only get plain text email anyway? If so, I can skip that stupid workaround. I could even schedule postings, which would make life much easier.

    And I could convert the blog users who signed up years ago to plain old subscribers using the plugin, so there are none who get the full html version.

    What is the answer?



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  • Mazharul


    Hello @elliekennard

    We are sorry for the inconvenience that you are experiencing currently, hopefully, we will be able to assist you. When you are getting this scenario is there any step that we can follow to reproduce/understand it better?

    This is just to notify you that Subscribe2 has both option HTML – Full and Plain Text – Full: And by using {IMAGE} key you can add the featured image on your email.

    Is it possible to share the email template that you are using to achieve your requirement? For example, this is my email template:

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thread Starter elliekennard


    Hi there
    Thanks for the response.
    It is not an issue necessarily, if the subscribers are automatically sent a Plain Text email. I do not include the IMAGE key as I do not want the image to go out with the email. My template is like yours.

    I cannot find on the settings page any way to send out only Plain Text notifications, but as the only email subscriber are all from this plugin, with no blog registered users (apart from myself) I am hoping that only the plain text mail is sent out.

    Am I right in assuming that only plain text goes out to Subscribe2 subscribers?



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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