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  • My site is set for the homepage to show the latest posts. It looks fine, but the posts are centre-aligned and I would prefer the text to be left-aligned. Is this possible?

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  • Hi there,
    if it’s the same as in the archive page, where I did that, then you have to put the following css in the custom css section:
    .news-item-content {text-align: left;}

    If it is not a newsitem you’re trying to realign, then check what it’s called in the inspector or a similar broswertool and do the same thing.
    Hope that helps.

    Thank you itonic, that worked! The featured image is still centred though, is there a way to shift that to the left as well?

    I don’t use features images on my site, so I can not try it.
    Like I said, figure out the corresponding css via the webtools of your browser.

    Maybe you’re completely new to all this and don’t know what I’m talking about.
    In that case, provide a link to your site and I can have a look and see if I can find the right class…no promise… 🙂

    Me again,
    had a look at the Head Blog Demo.
    The images there have the class “news-thumb”…try that.
    .news-thumb { text-align: left;}

    Let me know if it worked.

    Thank you! That worked perfectly. Where did you find that in the documentation? I had a look at that and couldn’t find anything helpful, maybe i don’t know what to look out for.

    You’re welcome.
    I didn’t look in the documentation.
    I’m on firefox and there you have the web developer tools with a tool called inspector and an element inspection tool (called node picker) with which you can point to any element of a site and it shows you the corresponding code, html, css, …

    It’s really handy to figure things like this out.
    I just saw your other thread about the colours. With help of the mentioned tools you might just discover out what classes you need to change.
    For instance if you want to change the colour of all links on the site to black add this to the custom css:
    a, a:active, a:hover, a:focus {color: #000;}

    Thank you! How can i find out what the code is for specific things – like i don’t know what the instruction is to change the theme’s default ‘gold’ font colour.

    body {color: #888F41;}
    this, for example, sets the base color for the whole site-body to some green hue.
    Wherever there are other colors for specific text elements you need to check them out as described.

    I don’t get how you have a gold color in your blog, without changing the theme in one way. Mine has dark gray color #404040 by default, same as the Head Blog demo…so how did you end up with that tone?

    The gold is in the widgets and the ‘read more’ buttons. The actual body text, headers etc is all dark grey as you mention.

    The aforementioned a, a:active, a:hover, a:focus {color: #000;} changes the ‘read more’ button and a few other links as well. Try if it works out for you.

    It did! Spot on, thanks so much

    You’re welcome.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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