• Have problems with one plugin after translation, asked TranslatePress for support, and have received this answer: “You need to understand these issues/integrations, based on the number of requirements from the users. You are the first one that reports an issue with the search function, which means this plugin is not very common among our users. We take your idea into our consideration, but first, we need to prioritize the most required proposals.

    Broadly speaking, due to how TransaltePress was designed it should work with any theme and plugin. As in many other things there are exceptions as well due to the variety of plugins that exist on the WP market at this moment which can create strange behaviors we haven’t met before, problems that aren’t clear enough, or for which we don’t have a workaround/necessary resources to investigate further.”.

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    Thank you for your review.

    We do appreciate your feedback, however giving the plugin a small grade should normally be reserved for plugins with no support, unresolved bugs, or not following WordPress standards. This is not the case for TranslatePress.

    In our discussion on tp.com, we already informed you that a task was created for this issue, and will be fixed in the future by our developers. Each plugin can have its own particularity regarding string searching, thus we need to be a sort of custom integration with them. However, because you are the first user, which reports a search bug with that particular plugin (from what I’ve checked through our tickets, so this plugin, Cooked by its name, is not popular among our users), this task will not be prioritized, that’s all. Please understand, that we need to filter those tasks, because can be other bugs that affect a large number of users, making them urgent to fix.
    This is our internal policy and we strongly believe it is right to handle things this way.

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    I do understand your position, but then you should avoid ad texts such as: “Works with any theme or plugin, including WooCommerce & page builders.” and similar which misleads the readers.

    Plugin Support Alex



    Thank you for your feedback.

    We will try to communicate those things more precisely in the future. However, these edge-cases, like this one, will still appear due to the way TP works and the variety of plugins that exist on the market at the moment. Such issues are very difficult to control.

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