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  • Do Not Work.. I have installed redux framework and nothing happens! I have browsed from everywhere in the dashboard wordpress, I tryed in my 2 VPS, diferents sites, her don’t added anyone feature in wordpress, i going in edit pages, add new pages, apparance > customize theme, and nothing vs nothins appear, and this plugin not work, it’s as if nothing had been installed.that frame work is that we installed and not see any construction tool? if you developed a weird tool that is thrown in rather unusual way, should put visible warnings on own plugin. Notifications sentences at the facility. or youtube videos did understand this tool! whereas’m not so new to IT. administer servers via command line and I move with CMS about 8 years. Crazy!

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  • Redux isn’t some sort of builder, it’s an options framework. In order for anything to show up you have to declare your options programically (this is how all option frameworks work). Redux maintains an extremely thorough set of documentation. You might want to start here:

    I very white, clean installation you must put link in the installation, weird installed plugin and we have to riddles we have q go to a website to create an account, the beginning is very awkward, the tool seen now that is quite robust, one inifidade options for construction in order to save a very long time with the use of well-explanatory combobox, but this facility should be self explanatory, should at least be explained things in a few sentences and link to direct to the register and link for activation / integration with the active plugin, because after we activate absolutely nothing changes, nothing happens, as plugin grows, the number of people giving one star will be too high, losing with a simple sentences in the instalation.

    “after we activate absolutely nothing changes”

    No, there’s a page for Redux in your Tools menu now.

    Redux is for developers, not users. 99% of people using it know that. Hence, there won’t be any concerning increase in 1 votes.

    From time to time, there will be some people like yourself who misunderstand that and inadvertently install. I dont’ work for Redux, but on behalf of them, sorry for any confusion.

    If you’re not a developer building themes or plugins, you have no need at all for Redux.

    However, as Redux is essentially an add-on library of functions, a theme or plugin can *require* Redux is installed for that theme or plugin to work.

    Does that help?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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