• Salvatore Noschese


    good and clean plugin, but for unknown reasons do not work anymore in my website.

    i see this error just today (idk if is present from a week or a day). “Please verify that you are human”

    maybe a cloudflare server issue (but I seen Success as green).

    atm I force disabled via ftp.

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  • Plugin Author Elliot Sowersby


    Thanks for the message.

    Which form are you having this issue on, or is all your forms that have Turnstile enabled?

    Are you able to try generating some new keys and setting those in the settings, then run the test API response?

    Thread Starter Salvatore Noschese


    thanks for reply. Is in all form (comments, login/password/register and also in CF7). Already tried to replace key, delete plugin data and full reinstall plugin, but still same issue (and as I can read, I’m not alone with this issue). I used without any problem some months. Hope u can fix ☺️👍

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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