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  • Hi,
    I have several wonderful plugins working now in tandom to accomplish my goals for a blog upgrade. Role Manager allows me to create a new user role similar to “Contributor” where I will allow them to write/edit their own posts, and I got that working great. They are limited to one cateogory (Access By Category Plugin), and that category will not show up on my front page (Excluded Categories) thus letting me recreate the “User Diaries” effect on places like

    My problem is this: When test users I created, in the new Role I made, log into their dashboard, everything looks great EXCEPT they get the menu item “Comments” and when they look there, they get IP and email information of OTHER commenters. I want to keep IP and email info private and secure (indeed, I would be fine with the entire Comment section of the admin interface just not showing up at all anyway). The only people who get to see IP/email info should be me and my designated moderator/editors.

    Nothing in 2.2.1, nor Role Manager, nor any other plugin from my search, appears to give you that option to shut off admin view comments access to those users.

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  • u can block that without plugins, check this (last reply)

    good luck

    Awesome, thanks. I did some searching for this info and I guess I must have missed the right keywords. 🙂

    I do hate hacking into the core code though. *le sigh* This should probably be addressed at some point!

    true, wonder why wp-guys never thought about this….

    it’s possible to remove the comment tab aswell 🙂



    I had exactly the same problem, found and applied this topic, it works – Thanks!

    Except: if the user clicks on Manage/ Posts and then clicks on the number showing how many comments there are; we have exactly the same problem!!

    Is there anybody who can help me in solving this problem? I had a look at edit.php but now I am not sure that is the correct code to modify.


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