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  • I don’t know if this happens to everyone, but when I just installed this plugin (didn’t even need to run it) it completely broke the Divi Theme so that none of the active content would load. There’s got to be some glitch in the plugin.

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    Hi DataMedics,

    Sorry if you had a bad experience with
    The reason of your issues is that Divi uses is own image Library, instead of using the default WordPress Library, which can create incompatibilities with a lot of WordPress modules (like
    This doesn’t mean that these modules are made with very weak quality, but… only that they’re not compatible with the solution your website is running on 🙂

    What’s more, like for any other plugin, NEVER try to install a module on your running website (when it’s live), and always try to install these plugins first in development environment.

    We hope it’ll help in your future developments,


    UFF WordPress is listing that as a negativ REVIEW but it is actually a 5 STAR REVIEW for and their great developers. I hope DataMedics will change their review after checking and finding the real cause of their problems – Please be FAIR and let people help to find the real problem if you can’t do it by yourself!

    Unfortunately the first poster did not post a link to his site i.e. if he is using parallax with images often when using the CSS and not the True Parallax method images won’t show up in DIVI but that has absolutely nothing to do with or any image library but much more with the easy DIVI is using the CSS method. We use in all our websites – pretty important governmental ones even and don’t see any problems at all with DIVI and

    It would be very nice of data Medics to describe his problem and especially also his site setting much more. I doubt that it is caused by which is based on the same code also wp smush pro is using – originated from the former Yahoo but is actually way better meanwhile.

    It would be nice if you could send a link so people will be able to help you with that problem and find the real source of it. If you have installed DIVI – what you wrote check out HOW you have installed the images in your theme (child-theme) and what settings you have applied to them. Also check if you are using a caching plugin i.e. hummingbird which caused huge problems for us in the past when used together with DIVI. We switched now to swift-performance and that works perfect with DIVI.

    Please let us know how it went when you install another image compression plugin i.e. wp-smush normal is also available on – so you can eliminate one factor after another. and also check if you can reproduce that problem in another site using another DIVI Layout. If not it is very likely that the problem is caused NOT by the plugin but by your Layout or another plugin in your current site.

    Thanks to Charles for letting us know about the Library problem too – even we think that it is not the reason here as we run nest and newest Divi on latest wordpress and have absolutely no problems at all – we love and DIVI – so our customers!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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