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  • I was using SparkPost for almost a year until they suddenly and without warning terminated my account. My dashboard shows thousands of mails sent over the past 90 days with 0 spam complaints. Trying to contact them to find out why has only resulted in generic (probably automated) form letters. Avoid!

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    Support works at regular US business hours. If it’s blocking your workflow, please try to reach out our community slack (channel: community-help) and see if anyone there to help you quickly.

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    Checking in if you were able to resolve the issue with our support team or via community slack.

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    Thanks for following up. I reached out to support two weeks ago but never heard anything back. I wasn’t able to get a conversation going at slack — likely as I tried outside support hours.

    Ultimately, after 48 hours of downtime, I bit the bullet and switched services. Even if it was somehow resolved now, weeks later, I wouldn’t be able to trust SparkPost for use in a production system based how terrible my experiences were.

    SparkPost is simply not suitable for use in a production environment.

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    SparkPost is simply not suitable for use in a production environment.

    I’m sad to see that you came to that conclusion and you had this experience. But thousands of our customers are using it in production.

    Though you left your feedback which is not very specific to the plugin itself but our service in general, I would still love to dig more what went wrong. I’ll need your Account ID. If you please provide that, I’ll look into the issue.


    AGREE…. we had the exact same issue.


    Just dumped Sparkpost today… Just 48 hours after they suspended ALL of our outgoing business emails (including eCommerce order notifications).

    We only send about 100-200 eMails a day through them, and have been for about the last year. We’ve had No prior issues, no prior warnings, no prior suspensions, etc. Clean as clean gets.

    Why did we get suspended without warning. Because of ONE email with a suspicious link (according to them).

    We acted immediately. We tried replying to their complaint (right away). We tried again a few hours later. We tried calling their office (they have no telephone help available, only email). We even opened another Case Email… nothing back for 2 full days.

    What was the “suspicious link” … it was me personally replying to my brother-in-law who sent me an email for a local gun store sale in his home town… REALLY Sparkpost!!!

    Not sure if anyone else is better, but we’re giving another provider a try now.



    Just curious if you guys were using sparkposts 100,000 free emails a month to send your emails, and if so was your email delivery good despite your bad customer service experiences?

    I would think their delivery would be pretty good since the same company that owns sparkpost owns PowerMTA. Which is a top MTA that MailChimp and most of the big guys use to send their emails.

    Just curious 🙂 Thanks for your time!!

    Yes, we were using the first tier, free service. Not that it makes a difference, since we called their office and asked if they could assist us over the phone. Their answer was “NO, only email support” … they did not know what level of service we were using when we got that reply.

    We started using Sparkpost right before Mandrill ended for us. We configured our main MX domain and all of the other domains (which use the main MX).

    Actually, we had pretty good luck with it until they shut us down for that ONE “suspicious link” reply email I sent back.

    Not sure though how anyone who runs a business, ecommerce or otherwise can afford to lose their email for about 48 hours (or more) as you try to explain to them what happened…

    NOTE: Our replies to the original complaint were never responded to… they did responded to the second case support we opened… buy didn’t bother to call us (we included our cell phone)… we emphasized that we were running a business and needed to get this fixed ASAP. They just responded with “…please explain why you were sending the following link?…” And again, it was a reply from an email someone sent earlier to me… I had no idea what was “in there” or not.

    I’m sure the suspension was some automatic routine that constantly scans email traffic. But, it seems to me that these are way too strict… again, we never had any issues before, no warnings even… until we had this ONE email. You would think that they’d look at “it” before shutting down all the domains… basically, cutting us off at the knees.

    So duirng those 48 hours – while we waited and planned the migration to another provider – all of our eCommerce order confirmations to our customers STOPPED dead, orders were not queued in our shipping software properly… emails from WooCommerce stopped… horrible.

    Begs the question, is this SMTP RELAYING worth the hassle from business downtime… even if it only happens once or twice in a year.

    my 2-cents.


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