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  • I was getting one or two spam comments a month and was looking to get something to weed out the spam. As soon as I registered for a key the plugin wanted me to pay for the plugin. I decided against it but they already had my website and e-mail. BIG MISTAKE I now get bombarded by spam 20 to 30 times a day. This happened as soon as I registered with this plugin. I think they do this so you purchase there plugin BE WARNED THEY ARE A SCAM AND WILL HIT YOUR SITE HARD WITH SPAM UNTIL YOU PAY FOR THERE SERVICE. I have since had to moderate all commentary and block hundreds of IP addresses. Stay away from this plugin unless you want to be hit with Hundreds of spam comments. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLUGIN YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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  • WPyogi


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    I’d suggest posting on the support forum for this plugin before posing a review like this –

    Your assumption is incorrect. By your post I assume that your blog is very young, so there was little spam, with increasing age of the blog, spam becomes more. In Control Panel your account, you can delete your account.
    Your message looks like an attempt to discredit.

    Plugin Author Denis Shagy


    To Moderators,

    Can you please move this review to support forum? Thank you!

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    We can’t. The review section does not work that way. Also I’m not deleting this review either but feel free to direct the OP to your support forum.

    Plugin Author Denis Shagy


    Jan, sorry, but what is “OP”?

    OP=original post(er).

    Plugin Author Denis Shagy


    tiny-dev, thanks!

    The plugin is definitely not a scam. They do not spam sites.

    I am using this plugin on different servers/hosts. One was getting tons of spam. The other was getting no interaction. Installing and enabling the plugin resulted in no change in the level of spam attempts. Spam occurs when the spammers discover your WordPress site, not just because you install and enable this plugin.

    As for having to pay for this plugin, the plugin developers are paying for servers where the program they’ve develop does the work. They are charging a reasonable amount. They aren’t gouging. If everything were happening only on one’s WordPress-site server, then perhaps one might expect this to be free.

    There are some plugins out there that do interact with off-site servers and are free (so far), but the plugin developers for those plugins must be making their living some other way or be independently wealthy. Lots of plugin developers develop and support free plugins for their resumes. It does look good. Others just love WordPress, which if free to download and use.

    Regardless, coders have to eat too! “A worker deserves his wage.”

    The guys who’ve developed this plugin and who are supplying the server(s) to crunch the database have very high, very responsive support. All the logs are on their server(s) where you can log in to see all the captured spam. It’s not filling up their clients’ servers. That’s usually a good thing for people with economy hosting with limited storage. It also keeps the plugin working better for more different types of WordPress-server set-ups. Think about it.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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