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  • bbPress is produced by a group of well meaning and capable volunteers with little to none financial resources.

    Don’t be fooled by its alleged link to WordPress it provides no protection against bbPress’ dire failings.

    bbPress plugins are not updated regularly and frequently fail or worse do damage to your site. They make it difficult to take your data with you if you wish to leave.

    If you have serious critical issues as I have had several times don’t expect a quick response form the bbPress forums, you may be waiting several days.

    In brief, bbPress is a fantastic hobby for those with spare time but if you are serious about your website do yourself a favour and select serious forum software and not this rubbish.

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  • What would you consider “serious forum software”? Link to the plug-in?

    Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    @kj82, It was right of dice2dice not to link to that software/ plugin. We remove that kind of promotion.

    I can understand that, but his “review” seems more like an attack against the company, and not a review.

    At no time did he say what was good or bad about the product, he only stated that the company had little financial resources, and that you shouldn’t use their products. It sounds more like someone with a grudge, than a review.

    What a poor review! You have the right to leave your review, however.. i think you talk too much. I’ve using bbPress for about 1 year and it works great.

    If they have have little to none resources, that’s not your business

    This isn’t a review. It’s just a grudge against the company. Something happened in the past, and this person doesn’t like the company. It has nothing to do with their product.


    However, i think that the wp moderators should edit or delete some offensive phrases.

    Anyway, that’s the world ☺

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    bbPress isn’t a company and it’s fine for members to post reviews like this. And there’s nothing here that needs editing, there’s been much worse posted in these forums. 😉

    I have the same experience and conclusion as that of dice2dice. We are serious about our sites and are extremely upset about bbPress.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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