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  1. J777
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Do Not Upgrade To WordPress Vista (3.2)

    This is a warning to all users. Many many many things will be broken.

    Not to mention the "White Flashes" but it also break Fluency and a lot of other really fine plugins.

    You will also lose your nice dashboard to be replaced by something more generic.

    I just wish someone had warned me before I upgraded like it told me to. Now I'll be spending the next week trying to fix things.

    I can't believe after all these years of perfection WordPress pulls a Microsoft and releases a Vista Type Version of WordPress.

    I'm really disappointed in WordPress Vista. What a nightmare. :-(

    I just wish someone had warned me ahead of time.

    Now I'm worried another 30 clients will be breaking their entire website soon and calling me...

  2. By "White Flashes" I'm assuming you mean the White Screen of Death? That is usually a PHP error, caused by incompatible versions of PHP, a bad plugin or a bad theme.

    Fluency I'm assuming is a plugin, and if you could be more specific with what went wrong, we might be able to help.

    Among other things, the new dashboard was fairly well publicized for months, as were the PHP changes. We do our best to reach out to everyone. If you have clients who use WP I Strongly suggest you start following the development blog and joining the beta testers, so you can know, well in advance, what will change and how it will directly impact you.

    Make sure you read http://wordpress.org/support/topic/troubleshooting-wordpress-32-master-list

    We've tried to cover as much as we can there.

  3. Oh, you already have a topic for your 'white flashes'


    Closing this as a non-productive dupe.

    And please don't post your complaints in other people's topics, you're making it HARDER to help anyone :)

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