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  • I was working fine, but upgrading from previous to 6, my site doesn’t work anymore!!!
    Coming back to 5.0.3, I got blank pages, when you do not specify a specific filter: default theme filtering won’t work!!
    I’ll try to downgrade to 4.0.1 ….

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  • @alex11alex11 – it’s generally considered better form to ask for help on the support forum for the plugin before posting a review like this. Looks like the developer is very helpful in the support forum –

    Why not ask there and consider changing your review if he can help you get this issue sorted.

    I am just seeing this now. I will investigate immediately, but should warn you that V6 Settings are not internally compatible with V5, so you will have to delete the Settings (by deleting the Plugin via the Installed Plugins Admin panel, not just deleting the folder with FTP) and re-do them in V5. Likewise, back to V4.

    If you do go back to V4, be sure to go back to 4.12, the last Version 4 release.

    I should also mention that we have had over 300 downloads of Version 6 without any other reports of problems.

    OK, I have done additional testing (beyond what I did before releasing Version 6), and am still more confident in Version 6 than in trying to get any prior versions working.

    I know that you are upset, but I still think that the best way to solve your problems will be to delete all of my plugin’s Settings by deleting the plugin (as discussed in my previous post), then install Version 6 and create all of the Settings, as you want them.

    Of course, I would know more if I could re-create your problems, which I cannot. Blank pages are not something I have seen or heard of in recent versions of the plugin. Helpful error messages will often be displayed if you set WP_DEBUG to TRUE in wp-config.php (the default is FALSE).

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    Many thanks for replaying so fast, but it was a bad surprise…
    I think the problem is on the upgrading process.
    I’ll try to give you back the log before deleting stuff, I am working on it…
    Anyway thanks for your job,your idea is pretty good, but I should warn about this problem.

    Unfortunately, I had to create a new Settings structure internally to add Site Aliases to the plugin. Which required a conversion routine. I did test it pretty thoroughly, but there are timing issues that I could not resolve, other than to disable the functionality of the plugin until the conversion was completed.

    I do hope that you can get it working to your satisfaction. And am willing to help in any way that I can. Though it will have to be tomorrow morning as it is very late at night here right now.

    Thread Starter Alex11Alex11


    Workaround process:
    0. Backup.
    1. Debugging, with this result
    “Notice: Undefined index
    /myhome/wp4/wp-content/plugins/jonradio-multiple-themes/includes/select-theme.php on line 155″
    2. Plugin removed from admin panel. WP stopped.
    3. Checking for deleted stuff by admin panel: all removed.
    4. Restarted my WP, downloaded and activated your plugin v4.12(as suggested) from:
    : no filter found as aspected. Fine!
    5. New configuration for my two themes, into section
    : “For All Pages, All Posts and/or Site Home”, only.
    6. Problem solved!! 🙂
    7. Conclusion
    : tonight, I supposed to have lost something about
    my configuration & customization, but it’s all right.
    So, my PERSONAL opinion is to use 4.12v that for me is stable.

    My configuration, just to know:
    OSX Maverick and last WP & PHP versions.

    I would like to thank you anyway about your job, that I appreciate.

    I am considering WP moderator opinion,
    but I supposed that it was
    the only way to advise people about this
    troublesome problem.

    Kind regards,

    Updated to 6 and my default theme shifted to 2nd theme.
    Uninstalled and installed the plugin again and same issue.
    I figured out the fact but couldn’t solve it.

    I was using a URL Prefix ” ” to shift the theme if somebody does a search through blog. This prefix usrl was causing the issue. After I removed this prefix new version 6 works fine as previous version. The only issue is I can’t use that prefix URL anymore.

    Pretty annoying. Please provide a solution.
    Thank you for great plugin. I appreciate the hard work.


    Due to time differences, it is now early morning here, so I am just seeing this. I will test this situation and respond very soon.

    I have successfully recreated this problem on my test systems, and will have a new release, Version 6.0.2, that corrects this problem by the end of the day today.

    Thank you for reporting this.

    I would ask any of those reading this to please report any issues with this plugin through the Support Forum specifically for this plugin at or directly to me using the contact form at

    I would like to reserve this Review thread for Alex11Alex11 and his concerns. That also conforms to the “one thread, one person’s problem” guideline for all WordPress support threads. Thanks!

    Version 6.0.2 is now available. It resolves a problem introduced in Version 6 that accidentally stripped Queries from URLs entered as Theme Selection criteria on the plugin’s Settings page.

    Love the fast support!
    Thank you.

    Please can someone help me I foolishly updated to 4.1 and now I cannot access anything all I get is an error message

    Warning: require(/www/sites/ed5/1a0/ [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /www/sites/ed5/1a0/ on line 503

    Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/www/sites/ed5/1a0/’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /www/sites/ed5/1a0/ on line 5

    I can’t even create a new topic and frankly I’m fed up with WordPress. I already lost my last blog through a hack because of a WordPress error and I’m desperate help me please

    This thread is about a plugin called jonradio Multiple Themes. The error message you are getting indicates you are missing a file in the Twenty Fourteen theme, which would imply that your upgrade to WordPress 4.1 failed to properly install all of the files.

    A manual WordPress update is going to be required to fix that:

    If you need specific or more help, I would suggest posting here where the experts on the subject will see it:

    You could also restore from backup. Web hosts generally have backups made daily or weekly, so you may wish to ask them for assistance.

    In general though, this problem and the hacked site issues may be related to issues with the web hosting rather than WordPress. You may wish to look for a better web hosting company.

    I spoke too soon. I just upgraded my first site and ran into the same problem.

    I am sure it will be resolved soon but the current version of the Twenty Fourteen theme that you download from is corrupt. Until it is corrected, you should download the previous version and install it in /wp-content/themes/

    The download location is

    This problem has now been corrected by the owners of Twenty Fourteen. Version 1.3 can now be safely downloaded and installed.

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