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  • Plugin Author Jules Colle


    An additional issue that I hope will be addressed by Takayuki in the next version 5.7.1:

    This error interferes with the way repeater and multistep buttons are rendered. If the issue is not solved on the CF7 side, I’ll try and fix it on the Conditional Fields side, but will wait a couple of days for a reply.

    Plugin Author Jules Colle


    I can confirm that version 2.2.10 of Conditional Fields is working with Contact Form 7 version 5.7 IF you make sure that WP_DEBUG is set to false in your wp-config.php file

    @jules-colle: I’m having lots of issues with Contact Form 7 5.7 and/or Conditional Fields latest version.

    In particular: when Conditional Fields is active there’s no CSS margin between input fields.

    When Conditional Fields is NOT active, the same inputs look very distant.

    I really don’t know what’s going on here.

    The most absurd thing is that I can’t force CSS margins to behave another way, the forms are literally “possessed” 😀

    Plugin Author Jules Colle


    Please revert to CF7 5.6.4.

    CF7 version 5.7 is broken. I just made a patchy update to address the biggest problems. I hope the author of CF7 will release an update soon.

    When I reverted to 5.6.4 (I tried 5.6 too) there was the same issue.

    The thing that makes me mad is my theme provides me with an area where I can add some CSS to fix things, but nothing works. The only thing that can separate my inputs is adding an absurd html paragraph around the input. But this only partially solves the issue because other things suffer from margin errors.

    Plugin Author Jules Colle


    I disabled the autop option because CF7 really messed things up. But obviously this is causing other problems. Please also revert to Conditional Fields version 2.2.9

    Sorry for this. I had to improvise and thought releasing a quick patchy update would be helpful, but I guess not.. Just not much I can do when the plugin I rely on is broken. The same thing would happen if WP released an update with an obvious bug.

    Not sure how I should handle these problems in the future..

    Jules, I found an old backup with the following combo:

    – Contact form 7 v5.4.2;
    – Conditional fields v2.0.4;
    – Send PDF for CF7 v0.8.6;

    It’s from november 2022 and I hope it works, I have a lot of forms. 🙁

    @jules-colle Done! Anything works fine now! I know this isn’t the best solution but this way I can wait for a decent CF7 update. 🙂

    Plugin Author Jules Colle


    I have released a new update (2.2.11) which should play nice again with Contact Form 7 version 5.6.4. It is recommended to update Conditional Fields to version 2.2.11 and leave Contact Form 7 at version 5.6.4 (at least) until the author releases version 5.7.1.

    CF7 Version 5.7 should be avoided at all costs

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    @jules-colle Problem is I tried to go back to CF7 5.6 (so, before 5.6.4) and nothing worked, that’s why I started searching for my older backups to solve.

    Another strange thing is I have problems on a website where I use the classic editor. BUT another website where I use Gutenberg suffers zero issues with CF 5.7.

    Plugin Author Jules Colle


    let’s just wait and see what happens after 5.7.1. 🙂

    Hi Jules. First: Thank you for this great plugin!

    I’ve rolled back CF7 to 5.6.4 and now I got this message ^^:

    Conditional Fields PRO is fully compatible and tested with Contact Form 7 version 5.7.
    Compatibility with other versions of CF7 is not guaranteed, so please install CF7 version 5.7

    Plugin Author Jules Colle


    Make sure you are on the latest version of conditional fields (2.2.11)

    Ups! *coy laugh*

    Had a client that was bit by this as well.

    I wasn’t able to get it working at all with version 2.2.11

    Eventually our site is working again by downgrading to the the following versions:
    Conditional Fields for Contact Form 7: 2.2.4
    Contact Form 7: 5.4.2

    For reference our site is also running:
    Wordpress: 6.1.X
    jQuery: 2.X

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