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    This is a major screwup on this update. I made the mistake of updating on a live site and now paying the price – dead silence on support side…. if you update the dates of all your events will fall to 12/31/1969 and manually updating the individual events will not fix the problem… This is a major problem…

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  • Ouch! I just upgraded too! The dates are back to 1969! Added a new event, the date defaulted to 1969. What to do, what to do!

    From Admin: Hi all,

    here is a link to the old version.…
    This upgrade did not change any files in the plugin. Also the 1969 issue we have seen but it has never before affected categories. We are investigating but this has been a really tricky issue for us to track down the cause of. Any specifics you can provide would be most helpful. If you need help restoring your events please email us

    SO: To fix do the following:
    1- To install the old version DO THIS: To manually upgrade your All-in-One Event Calendar:
    FTP into your web host using an FTP client, or use a tool provided by your web host to browse and manage the files.
    2 – Delete the file uninstall.php from the plugin directory that is currently on the server (found under/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar). Deleting this file ensures that when you uninstall the current version of the plugin, your event data and calendar settings will be preserved when you delete the plugin (don’t skip this step – it’s important!)
    3- Deactivate the All-in-One Event Calendar using your WordPress Dashboard.
    4- Delete the All-in-One Event Calendar using your WordPress Dashboard.
    5 -Download the file from above
    6 -Install the 1.10.9 version of the plugin using the WordPress Dashboard. This can be found under Plugins > New, then select the Upload tab.
    7 -Activate the plugin.
    8- You’ll see the “core theme files are out of date” message, simply login and “update” your calendar theme files. DO NOT update the plugin to 1.10.10, DO “update” the theme files.
    9 – Everything worked for me following steps 1-8 (when you delete the uninstall.php file this saves all the events, even when you use the WP dashboard to deactivate and then delete the All-In-One Event Calendar)
    ​10 – Sit back, enjoy the functionality of 1.10.9 and wait for a stable version of the next update!

    Once you follow the steps everything will work as it did before – I’m marking as resolved for now. The Timely admin team has pulled the update and working on a fix.

    Please follow the steps outlined and you’ll have your events back and working (the only thing I lost were custom color configurations – just a minor cosmetic thing, but all dates and events came back).

    @r1, thank for the info. The steps above worked for me! All content and dates seems to be back. Thanks for helping us so quickly with the info above.

    Thanks for sharing your solution, that helped me fix the problem.

    Oh my. I am so disappointed with this wonderful plugin. The best calendar has morphed into a disaster. This is the SECOND (or more?) time that your team has released a plugin update, only to have it destroy websites, lose dates, and so on..and then you have a mad scramble to delete, and FTP the old, save this, delete that, and put BACK in the prior version! So do you BETA test these?
    Your plugin and the other “once wonderful” photo gallery plugin are now on the “LIST” of NEVER UPGRADE THE PLUGIN until the nuclear fallout dissipates! Shame!

    On my “TEST” sites, the dates all rolled back to 12/31/1969..and you CAN’T change them! Lucky I learned my lesson from your last upgrade.

    Thank you @r1law 🙂 Following these steps also helped me to restore my former dates.

    But nevertheless this really was a big disappointment and also a death blow. Because I’m also having problems with the German translation of this calendar ever since I use this plugin I’ll be looking for another WordPress calendar sometime soon.

    New Release 1.10.11 WORKING…

    I’ve tested this newest update on a local versions of several sites. They all work – also updated live sites with no issue (note to self — test, test, test; then update.)

    BUT, you must update the core themes! If you don’t update the core themes after the 1.10.11 upgrade it looks like the calendar is broken but it’s not, after update installs just immediately update the core themes if required.

    I’ll also be starting a new thread to indicate the update now works in version 1.10.11

    I can’t upgrade as written in a post above


    Plug-in disabled due to unrecoverable database update error

    Database update has failed. Please make sure, that database user, defined in wp-config.php has permissions, to make changes (ALTER TABLE) to the database.

    and I have to upgrade because of

    Warning: array_search() expects parameter 2 to be array, object given in …/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/all-in-one-event-calendar.php on line 160

    Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in ….s/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/all-in-one-event-calendar.php on line 160

    so I need to know
    updat themes first?

    I reverted back to version 1.10.9-standard and updated the themes
    but the dates are still listing the year as 0001 – see these screenshots:


    If Timely have “pulled” the update, why is it still showing in my admin area?

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