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  • This plugin DOES NOT come with the ability to schedule your backups. That means you have to manually run the backup every time instead of clicking a button that sets the backup to run once a week (or by some other interval). If you want to set up scheduled backups, the following FREE plugin worked wonderfully for me:

    I will say the free version of Simple Backup worked fine for me, and I had no complaints. So when I wanted to add scheduling, I thought I’d support the company (and save myself some time) and upgrade to the premium version. I paid $20, downloaded the plugin, and it didn’t install.

    I sent the company an email with the error and a screenshot, they emailed me a “new” version of the plugin. That one didn’t work either. I sent a second email and they emailed me a second version of the plugin. That one didn’t work either. At that point, I’d wasted an hour of my time sending emails, troubleshooting and testing the plugin.

    I requested a refund since I felt like I was doing their QA testing for a product that I’d PAID for. The company refused saying they didn’t offer ANY refunds for ANY electronic purchases. Before upgrading, beware that you could literally spend hours trying to get the new plugin to work (and still not succeed).

    I’ve never felt so ripped off in my life. I paid $20 and downloaded a plugin that wouldn’t install after trying three separate versions and dealing with their support/sending them screenshots for an hour. Yes, I could have probably spent another hour trying to get the thing to work, but that’s not the point, I bought it to save myself time and ended up throwing away $20. In my mind, they stole from me, so I don’t plan to use any of their plugins in the future — even their free ones.

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    We are truly sorry to hear of your frustration with our plugin.

    We will be happy to continue helping you troubleshoot the problem and will be happy to do everything we can to help resolve the problem.

    We would also be happy to install and configure the plugin for you if that helps.

    As we inquired in our emails, what troubleshooting steps have you taken?
    Have you tried disabling other plugins, to test for a conflict?

    Thank You!

    I’d prefer a refund. The plugin didn’t work for me after spending an hour messing with it, so I found a free alternative. If I could have gotten a refund I wouldn’t have been upset (because I wouldn’t have felt like you stole from me). I’d reconsider your refund policy. A lot of companies offer refunds because it builds trust between the consumer and the company. I’d delete this post (and I never would have written it) if I would have gotten a refund.

    I bought this plugin 2 days ago and still have not gotten the product. I’m very discouraged to know that even if they never send me the product I can’t get a refund? I’ve sent an email and written on their support forum but no answer yet.

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    Conversations about the “premium” version are not for this forum. Please take that up with the plugin author on his own site instead.


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