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  • You can just upload the folder via FTP.


    I was unable to do that as I did not have 2.1.7 , what I managed to do in the end was fix it via updraft with the back up from last week

    but I do feel given the fatal error 2.1.8 is not ready to update yet


    I’m getting this same error when trying to view individual orders in the backend.

    30-Apr-2014 19:31:21] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function needs_shipping() on a non-object in xxx/xxx/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/gateways/cod/class-wc-gateway-cod.php on line 111

    Result is a blank page when trying to view order details.

    Please help.

    The COD module is broken after they changed it. To fix, just use the old version of the COD module posted on the GitHub page in /includes/gateways/cod/

    That will fix it until they release the next version.


    WooCommerce is proving to be less viable for every single new update. Who wants to risk their money and reputation and time with new updates when they can break their site? Having a live business break because of these things is unacceptable. WooCommerce needs to step up their QUALITY ASSURANCE protocols and run some better bug testing and beta testing. Live eCommerce websites are not supposed to be used for beta testing. There is a future for free eCommerce but being free doesn’t mean QA can be ignored.

    100% agree with the comment above. If it’s not tested then don’t release it. If it’s not working then it’s only worth what you paid for it…..NOTHING!

    Seriously, if people here can find a fix then why can’t woo?

    In fairness to Woo, there is an infinite number of permutations of settings, plugins, themes, child themes and custom developments. Probably every install is different in some way. It is not possible to test all combinations. (I don’t work for Woo!) Even big budget Microsoft rolls out stuff with bugs.

    If your website is important to you, take a backup before updating and consider creating a second, hidden site as a development environment where updates and new plugins can be tested before deployment.


    It appears the COD line in the PHP is the issue

    in fairness to woo is kinda the wrong thing I think, they are pretty poor at backup help unless you buy a plugin from them or pay for support

    I imagine the average spend on plugins or/and themes for woocommerce from woo is $200 for each woocommerce owner, assume 1,000,000 operators of woocommerce that equals an awful lot of money heading into woothemes for making a “free” woocommerce with little or no free support rarely seen from them in this forum and then they want money for support for software which is released buggy. Thats a neat business really, if they annoyed people enough with the updates for woocommerce which they rely on for their business model to work it would fail overnight if people switched to another cart.

    all websites are important to the owner and it is not always financially possible for someone to create a development site secondary to their main site and test for bugs for the software makers and report back to them while the makers are clearly making a substantial amount of money from “free” woocommerce.

    thats my soapbox for the day

    my final thought is don’t update as soon as there is a new release.

    Has anyone found a fix for this issue yet ?

    No visible update to 2.1.8 yet so woothemes cannot be taking it seriously, sorry I ever bought themes and plugins from them as they have no interest in anything other than making money. Where are the hippies of software the ones we all loved, rather than the corporate greed taking over !!

    tweakben – I cannot find the files you talk about, the link is another forum post.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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