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    Hi all,

    I just wanted to add a high priority note/reminder to NOT uninstall NextGEN Gallery 2.0 if you are having problems. If you formally uninstall the plugin, it deletes all data, including your galleries.

    If you are having issues with 2.0 and want to roll back to the previous version (1.9.13), here are some step by step instructions for doing so safely:

    As noted in the other sticky post at the top of this forum, if you are having major issues, we’d also love to hear about them so we can resolve them, so consider posting a new thread or looking for one on the same issue.

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  • Oops too late. Luckily it was only 5 images.
    Hey, Thanks so much for being on top of this so fast.
    You Rock!

    p.s. it was 3 fatals.

    Too late but I did another thing that worked for me because I hadn’t read this post.
    Before the update I downloaded the entire folder nextgen-gallery to my local directory. After the update I went to the ftp deleted the entire next-gen gallery folder and then reuploaded the old files. Now everything seem to work just fine. My problem is if the update made any changes to the nextgen tables and I can’t see them now. Also can I try to update it once more?

    I had to go back because of a customization I made and will need to find in the new version, but this process worked perfectly. Thank You for making this as “risk free” as possible!

    Plugin Author photocrati


    Great to hear this worked for you, Tech4Life. EeyeQT, you should just be just fine rolling back the way you did it, and when you want to update again, you should be able to do so just fine.

    For those of you having major issues, it may be worth waiting until 2.1 to try updating again.

    We’ll be pushing out several quick updates in the next weeks that will resolve a lot of issues, so updating on a subsequent version like that will be safer.

    I just had to do the rollback to 1.9.13; it works now.

    2.0 would not even let me see my dashboard — only received a plain white screen for every page. An error would have been helpful, I could have bug traced with Firebug == blank screens leave you with nothing.

    Running: WP 3.5.1; Genesis Framework 1.9.1; News Theme
    Using Firefox 22.0


    Any ideas?

    After upgrading to 2.0, all my links would redirect to the home page. I successfully rolled back to 1.9.13, but I really wanted the new features in 2.0. All is good now as before the upgrade.

    Running WP 3.5.2 Easel Theme
    Chrome Version 28.0.1500.72 m

    Interesting fact: I’m also running the same WP version and Theme for another website: – and everything is working fine after the upgrade to 2.0.

    Same host, server, etc.

    I had to manually reload the previous version from backup as after the upgrade I could no longer get into my WP admin (Dashboard) at all. Major pain in the bum so bucket loads of minus points for releasing this without properly testing it.

    Thanks for the link. I think I will have to use it because I regret that I updated to version 2.0. And I have almos 4000 pictures in my NextGEN galleries.

    Things I don’t appreciate with 2.0
    – I can’t access the options (“you don’t have enough access”).
    – Monosideshow stopped working 3 different slideshows with NextGEN gallery/ .
    – some picture looks strange (for example the one of myself on front page)
    – I have almost 4000 pictures that I have inserted when pictures ended up to the left so that picture and text are straight. Suddenly all pictures have moved slightly – very annoying.
    – When I add pictures nextgen says that 0 out of 1 pictures where uploaded when in fact the picture was uploaded (minor detail that I can live with).

    I appreciate that you have made the pictures responsive and was looking forward to the new options panel though.

    EDIT: I’ve added things to my list of things not working.

    Another item to my list.

    – The “set NextGEN featured image works somtimes but mosly not. Pity because this was a bug-fix I appreciated.

    it did not only delete all my galleries (that’s was no problem in my case) uninstalling deleted all the files on the server.. everything except for 1 nextgen file.. how can this be happening.. there is something totally wrong with your plugin…

    no problem yet for me, looks great and runs smoothly. just awesome!
    but i wanted to ask is it possible to customize(translate) the image 1 of 2, previous(arrow left )(hover) ect in the highslide effect. just curious 🙂

    I have also had to roll back to 1.9.13. When I installed 2.0 I could no longer access my admin dashboard / backend – I just got a blank white screen

    Updated the plugin this morning and now my site’s down with a fatal error:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in … /public_html/wp-includes/query.php on line 27.

    Soon as I can get this sorted out, the plugin’s going in the trash.

    Same here, after upgrade, all galeries and images from my site are gone. Instead of albums, I have some HTML code and no thumbnails. What to do ?


    Ok, updated nextgen gallery to two on one of my websites and a lot of things are broken. Just adding to the list in case there are things that have not been noticed before.
    The nextgen widget is now only pulling in a thumbnail size image even though it is set to ‘original image size’.
    All custom css in the nggallery.css file in my theme is not working. I am guessing it is not loading the custom css file now. This is very important and needs fixing. This should be upgrade proof.
    Images added in the main text of a page from a nextgen gallery are moved.
    There may be more things. I’ve yet to find them.
    Fixes needed.

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