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  • There are four, 5-star reviews at this time (10-19-14). Two are from the plugin author himself acting like he’s just a regular reviewer. This does not inspire trust!

    This 5-star review from the author of the plugin itself is actually posted in duplicate and acts like he’s just a regular user:
    5 stars
    Everything I need to place ads on my blog
    By benohead Plugin Author, May 19, 2014 for WP 3.9.1

    This plugin is basically everything I need to place ads on my blog. Most other plugins either did not give me the freedom I needed or did not have the functionality I needed.

    Would you trust a plugin to not steal your Adsense income (like many Adsense plugins do) when the guy can’t even be honest in a self-reported “review”? I wouldn’t!

    Beware. You may find your Adsense income disappearing, as has happened to me with multiple different WP plugins for Adsense so far. It’s what encourages many people to make them in the first place.

    I understand wanting to “get the ball rolling” by posting a 5-star review for your own product, but don’t pretend you’re not the author. That’s dishonest and unethical.

    If you’re already using this plugin, take note if your Adsense income declined upon installing it. If so, suspect click-siphoning where plugin author may insert his own Adsense code into some of the ads to make an income off his plugin.

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