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    You have no right to send emails to people whose email addresses happen not to be encoded for some reason by your plugin, which we actually use, and which invites admins to use your page scanner.

    I have just received this which you sent to someone whose email address appears on our site.

    Recently, you or someone on your team scanned the domain for unprotected email addresses using the page scanner on my website <; .

    This is a friendly reminder that your email address is still listed on and is not protected from email-harvesting robots — which is exactly how I was able to send you this email.

    This is absolutely unacceptable. By all means alert the site’s admin; don’t spam anyone else.

    The reason the email address is uncoded is because I didn’t make it a mailto: link and just inserted it as text. This is the mistake you should have pointed out to me, the admin, not the recipient.

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    • This topic was modified 1 week, 4 days ago by  digbymaass.
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  • Further investigation reveals that the email address in question is encoded by your plugin on the page in question – but the encoding is defeated by the Facebook Open Graph text in the head, which has rendered it in plain text.

    I suppose this will have happened on many other pages. I await further responses from people you have informed.

    Plugin Author Till Krüss


    I’m sorry to hear that you don’t appreciate the warning, most people do.

    Like the email says, it’s a one-time-only courtesy message.

    If you want to encode email addresses in your header, such as open graph tags, you can follow this guide to manually encode them, or upgrade to the premium version.

    I don’t think you understand.

    I don’t appreciate the email address recipients receiving a warning. The one quoted was sent to someone (not an admin or creator of the page) who then asked me what he should do about it.

    I would welcome a warning to me, the site admin.

    You have spammed who knows how many email address owners without telling me, the administrator.

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    Plugin Author Till Krüss


    There is sadly no way for me to find out the admin’s email, but I’ll add an opt-in to the scanner to avoid this happening in the future.

    We also received notification from one of our email address recipients complaining about being contacted directly. If someone is logged in as an admin and clicking the Open Page Scanner button, then they could also have the option to have all notifications go to the WP admin (or some other email address) instead of emails contained within content that could belong to recipients with no technical expertise and/or a relationship with the website admin or owner that would make such communication unacceptable.

    Yes. It’s very embarrassing for us site creators/admins. I also wonder if it’s illegal. GDPR and all that. In our case the email addresses were only visible in the page source, not openly public. There was no indication that email addresses would be harvested – ie I did not give permission for them to be harvested.

    The recipients of these ‘friendly warnings’ would have no idea as to what this was all about, and unless someone contacted me, I would not know this had happened.

    Very unsatisfactory.

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    Plugin Author Till Krüss


    @carolkn: Thanks for your suggestion. The next version will include a similar opt-in process to get notified.

    Also, the “automatic emails” have been replaced by an opt-in form on, so you won’t receive any further warnings by email.

    Actually nobody needs to be contacted by email, and shouldn’t be. It’s an online tool and like all such tools the result should just be shown on screen. The person initiating the search is the only person interested in the result. Emailing the email address recipients is simply pointless.

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