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  • Dear Automatic you’ve messed.

    I’ve got to sad point where I had to postpone your update since it’s a bad direction enforcing it on people, since it will basically break all of my client’s websites.

    The direction it’s good, Guttenberg looks awesome, but not when you shove it on people throats and there’s no way to reverse the process without a version roll back.

    How come ? Well I have to deal like everybody else with clients that already have procedural steps on working their websites. And people love changes. Even with my younger editors that are in their late 20’s, so they were born in technology, they are functional technologically impaired and they barely know how to use the Classic Editor since it looks like Office Word. And I’m in trouble since I did some hands on test case and they look at the editor and none of the current functionalities are intuitive anymore since there’s no relatable env like the gutenberg editor.

    So the problem it’s not the editor, it’s the Automatic making a idiotic and incomprehensible decision to force the gutenberg editor.

    Now why wouldn’t I just change to Drupal or Octobercms ?

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  • Drupal has gutenburg coming in few month

    FYI: You can opt-out from Gutenberg:

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    Do you have 5.0 installed ?

    You must install the classic editor module + “remove Gutenberg editor” module.

    Why do I have to install 3-rd party “remove Gutenberg module”

    Why it’s mandatory to use Gutenberg ?

    It’s not a 3rd party plugin, it’s from the Core contributors.

    On one site I have 5.0 with Gutenberg. On another one I will install it after some more testing with a multi language plugin I’m using.

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    The classic editor only breaks the majority of the websites with a page builder, since the Gutenberg editor its part of the core.

    The best way currently to ensure that there are no conflicts it’s to use Disable Gutenberg By Jeff Starr, therefore a 3-rd party module.

    I wasn’t aware of that, that does suck. This is ‘just’ a tough transition period, though.

    I wonder how things will be in let’s say a year from now… Many happy Gutenberg users? A mass migration from WordPress to ClassicPress? Time will tell 🙂

    I’m also very surprised to hear what @iamkingsleyf says, that the neighbours at Drupal are also implementing Gutenberg.

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    I’m just going to leave two remarks, firstly I’ve edited your review to remove the swearing, please refrain from swearing here on

    Secondly, this has nothing to do with the company Automattic, this is a community driven, volunteer based, project. It really devalues the hard work everyone giving of their own time have put in when it’s all credited to a company like that (it’s a pet peeve of mine 🙂 )

    The Classic Editor plugin should be able to restore things for you, if it isn’t I’d love to know specifics what is failing and what errors you are seeing etc so we can fix it (preferably over on the Classic Editor support forum)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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