• This plugin created a HUGE number of erroneous tables in my multisite database creating the need for a lot of manual database cleanup.

    **UPDATE: Based on a prompt response from support within 24 hours, I’m upgrading to 3 stars. I understand and respect that bugs happen and a quick response from a competent support team is the best possible outcome in that case. Good show.

    I should also add that we didn’t keep the plugin in use, not due to the bug, but simply because it didn’t do *exactly* what we needed it to. I didn’t write the review until I discovered the bug sometime later.

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    • This topic was modified 4 years, 1 month ago by gordonium.
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  • Plugin Author Sygnoos


    Hi @gordonium,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Let me explain the situation.
    1) We don’t have any erroneous tables all the tables that we are creating has a purpose.
    2) For the multisite, the tables are being added according to the number of the sites you have. For example, if you have 5 websites in your network, the total count of the tables will be 5 X plugin’s tables, and in our case, we are using 8 tables the total count will be 40.
    3) We are removing all our tables after the plugin is removed from your Network admin panel, so there is no need to delete tables manually.

    We are constantly working on our plugin and I am sure we will make it the better one it is only a matter of time.

    If there are any visible issues or bugs, please let us know, and we will proceed to fixing them right away!

    Thank you!

    Best Regards,
    The team at Popup Builder.

    Thread Starter gordonium


    Thanks for the follow up! Quick too.

    I totally understand and appreciate that plugins are always evolving and bugs happen.

    I understand how multisite table structure works, which is why my experience perplexed me. We activated the plugin on a single site on the network (ID #124). Thus I would expect the plugin to create its 8 tables as wp_124_table1, wp_124_table2, wp_124_table3, etc. Right?

    What I saw happen was a create of a whole PILE of tables as wp_124_1_table1, wp_124_1_table2, wp_124_1_table3 (all 8), then onto wp_124_2_table1, wp_124_2_table2, wp_124_2_table3, and so on for *every site on the network* yet all nested beneath the 124 ID. Thus for our 120+/- site network, by activating the plugin on one site, 960 tables were created. Yow!

    I imagine this is not what you intended. We had long-since deactivated and deleted the plugin (it just didn’t do *exactly* what we were looking for – totally unrelated to this issue), and the tables were left behind – presumably because they were created by a bug and your clean-up code didn’t know how to find them; again, totally understandable.

    Unfortunately this happened months ago and I only just identified it in the database during routine housekeeping and cleaned it up. I wish I had better diagnostic information for you. Is there anything I can do to help the “bug hunt” at this point?

    Plugin Author Sygnoos


    Hey @gordonium,

    Thank you very much for the details.

    We have had some bugs connected to the Network Multisite but I believe we have fixed it in VERSION 2.4.9 with the following logs:

    • New extensions added.
    • Subscription popup improvements.
    • Shortcode popup improvements.
    • Compatibility with WP Network > 4.6.
    • User role improvement for WP Network.
    • JS optimization for Cache plugins.
    • Code improvement and optimization.

    Anyway, we will check the plugin again for your mentioned issue, and if we have found something we will fix it for sure.

    Thank you very much @gordonium for your honest feedback and details.
    We will work hard to not let this kind of issues happens anymore.

    In the case of any issues or questions connected to our plugin you can get in touch with us by following email support@popup-builder.com

    Thank you!

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