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    I unfortunately did not read the reviews here, and would have saved myself $99 for the upcoming year of updates and making sure I cancelled this.

    I saw a $99 charge on my credit card. I had not used the plugin for many months and completely forgot about this subscription. I did not receive an email telling me that the subscription would be renewed in X days.

    When I saw a $99 charge on my credit card, I reached out to support the same day.They said that because I did not cancel this prior to the renew they would not refund the charge. They say they send an email, but this never arrived. And looking through my messages it did not. I asked them to provide me with evidence that this email had been read and delivered. They could not.

    Their other excuse was they needed to plan for the API usage, sure I get it. The stupid thing here and the flaw in this argument is that if I cancelled one day prior there is no possibility that this would have thrown a wrench in their API usage plans.

    Anyway, I hope this provides yet another warning about these guys. It’s strange they enforce a stupid policy rather than do the right thing by their customers. I’m sure they have lost more business by all these bad reviews than just refunding and supporting their users.

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    When you subscribed you said you have read and accepted the terms and conditions. After when you change your mind you say it is not fair that we follow the terms what we agreed before.

    We sent the reminder e-mail, as we said before, we also checked the logs, and the mail didn’t bounce. We are using Amazon SES for the best deliverability. If your e-mail provider is not reliable is not our fault.

    Also, I’m not 100% sure you’re telling the truth, because oddly enough, that other customers (including the test accounts we use) got the reminder, but you didn’t.

    You also try to fraud and requested refund via PayPal, where you said we charged you for a subscription what you cancelled previously, which is not true.

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    The difference here is that when someone contacts you the day the transaction went through which is for the following year’s “support” and you refuse to refund. This is terrible business practice and a sneaky way of charging someone.

    You have not provided any evidence the email sent was read.

    It seems you guys have done this many times looking through the comments here. I guess you are more interested in getting $99 in a sneaky way rather than actually doing the right thing when the customer cancels their subscription the same day.

    Unfortunately this was the only option to select related to this charge through my credit card company.

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    But one question. Did you read the terms when you subscribed? If no, why did you checked the checkbox that you did? If yes, it is clearly stated that renewals are not refundable:

    Also on the checkout page you can see that is a yearly subscription with automated payments.

    Also we sent the reminder mail. We didn’t track the opens, because we avoid every unnecessary trackings. You are a responsible adult, who can read and can enter to a contract. Therefore we assumed that you really read the terms and really agreed with them.

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    You may have a policy stating this, does anyone ever read that for a $99 subscription? Regardless, it’s a pretty stupid “policy” though. I’ve run a subscription business. When someone contacts me within hours the charge occurs saying they did not need the subscription for the following year, there is never a hesitation to refund their purchase no matter what the policy says. So by you guys refusing to refund because of this made up document seems like sneaky way to just to get another $99 from people that have far too much on to remember a subscription like this.

    I would suggest that you have lost quite a large amount of business from this practice and the subsequent reviews about this practice. Whereas if you just refunded people you would have many more happy customers and better reviews rather than gauging people $99 that may not have seen an email amongst all the other junk.

    I had another similar experience with these guys with opposite result. I contacted them when I noticed the transaction. They immediately refunded me. Will happily recommend them anytime. You guys, no…

    If this is your “policy” and you refuse to relent, this is your business. I hope this is yet another warning to help others make sure they cancel in time.

    People considering a SWIFT purchase need to ask themselves if the software is any good why do SWIFT behave in this mercenary fashion ?

    automatic image optimization is really useful but the rest of it is just piffle in my experience; no substitute for decent code and the reason so many people forget about the plugin and recurring no warning charges.

    …the refusal to refund for unused software is just bizarre and creates a lack of trust which is the antithesis of the wordpress community.

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