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  • This is more about an add-on I purchased than the plugin itself. I purchased the AJAX addon, which has a recurring subscription. Within a couple of hours I realized it was not what I needed, so I asked for a refund. Instead of just providing a refund, they will make you jump through hoops. Sometimes plugins don’t work out, and we are busy people. I don’t need or want to jump through hoops. We all purchase plugins that end up not meeting our needs. It is a relatable experience. Don’t Spanish Inquisition me over it, especially after I only had it for a couple of hours. Below is our exchange:

    Hi- got your AJAX addon today. Loved the idea of modal logon/registration/etc and also AJAX. However I found certain things difficult in terms of modifying and also didn’t like either of the two compatible registration plugins that the AJAX modal plays nice with.

    Therefore, unfortunately, I’m going to have to request a refund. thank you


    Still not sure exactly what the issue you had was. To be thorough and fair our terms require we investigate and attempt to solve any issues for a refund to be processed. This not only reduces refunds as often its simple, but also makes sure if there are bugs that future users don’t get them as well due to us not having the needed info to fix or address them properly.

    I don’t want you to think that I’m holding your money hostage, but I do need to fully understand how our products failed you if we are to process a refund.

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  • Note the addon itself was $45, not cheap. I went in a different direction to meet my needs, but no…they really <ahem> needed to make sure there wasn’t an issue and better understand the situation.

    Once again – if you purchase an addon for this plugin, make sure you understand their onerous return policy.

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